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Hi I'm Goodyear Lombe

I grew up in South Africa and was born in DRC. I am just your average guy, with an extra ordinary faith.

About Me

Well, I am 23 and married to the best girl in the world. I love working out and love chicken.

Why I am a Mormon

Well 'Mormon' is not really a faith per se, it's rather a nickname which is associated with members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, of which I am. The name is associated with members of the church because we believe that The Book of Mormon is another testament of The Saviour Jesus Christ. It is a record of the Saviour's dealings with the ancient American people, who came about as a result of Heavenly Father telling Lehi to build a boat and take his family out of Jerusalem many many years prior to it's destruction. Lehi was a descendant of Joseph who was sold in Egypt as a slave by his brothers. I am a member of The Church because I asked myself a really important question a few years ago before I even came into contact with the missionaries. The question was, who gave my pastor his authority, and why is it that when I got baptised I didn't receive the gift of the Holy Ghost like in the bible by the laying on of hands, why are there no Apostles today, why does my pastor say it is okay to drink when the bible says that my body is a temple, where do I go when I die, why am I on earth, have I got a purpose. Those were all questions I asked myself, until I came across a missionary from The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, he told me that Jesus Christ has restored His Church on the earth today, and I asked him why no one had ever told me, I felt like I was missing out. They invited me to pray about The Book of Mormon and whether it was the word of God and supported the Bible. I bear testimony, and witness of the divinity of The Book of Mormon, I testify that it is true and is the word of God. I testify that The Book of Mormon Supports the Bible and is the word of God, this I k ow of a surety through the Holy Ghost which has born testimony to me that it is true, I know it, and I know that God knows it. I invite you whoever you are, whatever faith you belong to, that if you pray with a heart that truly desires to know, you will know.

How I live my faith

The best way I practise my faith is by living my faith in my everyday life, by being a good example unto others.