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Hi I'm Taylor Cook

I was a truth seeker. I found the truth. I now spread it. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a member of the human family, God's family. I am a comedian. I am a missionary in Wisconsin. I can speak Hmong. If I can do anything for anyone in this world, I would add my humble testimony that Jesus did atone for our sins, and made it so we can be happy forever. I am a Mormon.

Why I am a Mormon

My heart was never in the Church. I didn't want to follow strict rules which made me uneasy. When my grandfather, who was like a dad to me through my parent's divorce, died, I gave up all hope. I was tormented by his passing and I blamed God. I disfellowshipped myself from the Church and went looking for the truth. I studied all different religions. I was Buddhist for a while. I then just gave up. My mom invited me to go back to church with her one Sunday and I went half-heartedly. I felt God's love there. When I felt God's love, I decided to make whatever changes were necessary to feel His Spirit and loving arms around me at all times. My membership in the Church is a valuable part of my life and has brought me much joy and happiness, but most of all, it has given me peace.

How I live my faith

I live according to my faith by serving others in a spirit of charity which has be given to me by our Master. I help people, not just because I am a missionary, but because I truly desire to help people, because i want what is best for the children of God, my brothers and sisters.

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

Taylor Cook
Why in the world would God have given us prophets in olden times to lead and guide us? Because, as we learn from the Old Testament, people hate doing things right the first time. God gave us prophets to set us straight after we muff up. If God always does the same thing, if He is the same today, yesterday and forever, why would he not send a prophet among us? Do we pretend to be more righteous than the ancient Israelites, that we don't need God's help? The only times when we do not have prophets on the earth is when we, through our own wickedness, slay them and thereby showing God that we think little or nothing of His commandments, let alone the gift of His Son, Jesus Christ, in paying for all of our sins from the foundation of the world. So, as I have said, we have prophets so that God may show forth His power through the prophet to the salvation of all of His children, or the human family. I know that there is a prophet today that teaches us the things of God. Show more Show less