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Hi I'm Ginai

I'm a Jazz R&B singer in Hawaii. I AM A MORMON! Scooby-doo-wa...

About Me

I have performed LIVE on stages all over the world and in all kinds of shows...from intimate Jazz clubs in Hawaii and Japan to huge concert venues in Atlanta and Hong Kong. I love to surf...it helps me connect to the Spirit and fills my soul with wonder! I have recently fallen in love with a horse named, "Shadow". She is a really special addition to my family. Ultimately though, I love being my kids mom ( I have 3!) and a dutiful wife to my husband of 11 years. I also write songs, play percussion, and have been playing my ukulele a lot lately. Music keeps me young, sane, and inspired!

Why I am a Mormon

I can recall a time in my life when I felt abandoned and totally alone. My marriage was on the rocks, and I was setting a very bad example for my youngest child when I finally reached out to a new neighbor I had recently befriended. Her family embraced me with open arms and set up lessons with the Missionaries. I asked loads of questions, especially about a few negative experiences I had in the past. I didn't realize how long I had been searching for answers until I looked behind me and saw the long winding road that had lead me to this cold and lonely place. But a bright light came on after I read The Book of Mormon. All of a sudden, the pieces of information and experiences I had been collecting finally started to fit together. I saw the truth beginning to emerge as my feet were placed on a new path. My next steps were easy to take until finally I was ready to just jump in! I knew that the Adversary was on my heels and trying to thwart my efforts to plant roots in my new found hope. But I managed to push through the obstacles and get baptized! Coming out of the water I felt clean, refreshed, and ready to mend the pieces of my broken heart. I knew it would not be easy, but I also felt the loving support of the Holy Ghost. I have always loved to learn and the prospect of learning more about our Lord Jesus and his gift of the Atonement gave me great joy! I now have a personal connection to the Heavens each time I kneel in prayer. My family is the ultimate beneficiary of my new life, and my world will only get better with each new day! My music is brighter...my spirit is lifted...and my love is more powerful and real, given the blessings of the gospel. The gift of forgiveness for my past transgressions has allowed me to thrive and to freely give the same in return to others around me. I have a long way to go, but now have a shining future living day by day with the love of Christ!

How I live my faith

I am a strong believer in service to others, and have only increased my love of service since finding the gospel. I foster guardian for an elderly Japanese man who is all alone in this world and although it has been hard and labor intensive, I find great joy in seeing him smile. I enjoy going to read and sing for seniors and the disabled in my home town long-term care facility. I was given the perfect calling when I was made the chorister, assigned to leading the congregation in Sunday hymns. People have stopped me in the halls after meetings to tell me how I 'make them want to sing'. I feel particularly blessed to bring smiles to their hearts while they lift their voices in song! As a musician, however, my schedule is really hectic. But I make room to attend the temple, do Christmas caroling, or help clean the ward. My son is learning the blessings of giving of his time and energy to help others by tagging along. I am truly blessed!

What are Mormon Temples used for?

If you ever understood the meaning of the word, "sacred", then you will understand the Temple. It is the place where the Lord can be felt and where his most sacred activities are conducted. A holy reverence can be felt there and it is essential to our eternal souls that we respect the ordinances that are conducted there. We bring the gift of salvation to those who have already passed through the veil, among many other things. A deep and thorough understanding of the role the Temple plays in our lives can only be obtained through study, prayer, and guidance as provided by more experienced members of the Church. Show more Show less

Do Mormons practice polygamy?

I asked the same question when I was investigating. The answer is two fold: 1) No they do not. Not at this time; and 2) There was, however, a time when they did. The Saints were under heavy persecution and good men were slain and murdered leaving too many widows and children behind. The men of the church who were allowed to engage in the practice did so under close scrutiny and the heavy burden of responsibility fell upon them. It was instrumental in keeping the restoration alive. If you understand how The Adversary works, you will come to know this was the only way they could have survived. Show more Show less

Do Mormons regard the Bible as Holy Scripture and the word of God?

Of Course they do! The Holy Bible was inspired by prophets of old who were led by the Holy Ghost. The Book of Mormon was too, and some of the stories are connected. Read it for yourself!! I have known the Bible all my life, but since converting, it has taken on a deeper and more essential role in my life. Show more Show less