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Hi I'm Lisa

The greatest, most challenging yet rewarding title I have is that of "Mom".I'm also a substitute teacher in Calgary.

About Me

I am married and have 3 sweet daughters. My husband and I met at the University of Calgary, and soon realized that God would have had our paths cross earlier had we been ready to meet eachother. However, we both had a lot of "growing up" to do and maturing before meeting. I have a Bachelor's of Education degree and currently substitute teach a couple times a week (when my husband is able to be home with our kids). I enjoy doing yoga and hiking - witnessing the beauty that God has created. I am amazed at the vast variety of fruits, vegetables, plants, flowers, insects, animals, etc... that He has designed and created for us. I enjoy playing the guitar and piano and learning new languages.

Why I am a Mormon

I went through a time of searching and comparing many different faiths in my early twenties. I prayed, fasted and studied the scriptures. I didn't want to believe in something just because I was raised in it. I called up many pastors of different faiths, compared their doctrines, and visited many of their meetings. I met with one pastor at the university. We met and I asked him what I needed to do to be saved, as of course I wanted to be saved. I had no other desire in my heart that was greater than wanting to live with Jesus and my Heavenly Father again. He told me that I needed to accept Jesus into my heart. I told him that I had definately done that, and was trying to live my life according to what He taught. He told me that then I was "saved". I was satisfied that in his eyes I was. However, I knew that the religion I grew up with gave me many more "helps" in living a Christlike life and enduring in faith. I asked him if I stayed in my church, but had accepted Jesus into my life if I still would be "saved". He thought for awhile. We both felt the spirit, and his eyes were watering. He said "Yes. Yes you would be." I gave my life up to God and asked that He lead me in the direction that He would have me go. I had many personal experiences that came in answer to my prayers and though I had never considered going before, decided to go on a mission. I was registered for my 3rd year of post-secondary schooling, but felt such a peace and assurance that I needed to be elsewhere. I postponed my studies, worked a few jobs and left all within 4 months. Usually it takes someone a lot longer to prepare to go, but everything fell into place. I was called to serve in the Berlin, East Germany mission. I learned so much from the people that I met and from the history that I witnessed. I know that God is there. That He loves us. That He sorrows during wars, and contentions of any kind. That He would have us use our agency to love all those around us.

How I live my faith

My faith is embedded in all that I do in some way, as it is what has strengthened and magnified anything that is good in me. It challenges me to look outside of myself and think of others before always thinking of myself first. This is what the Saviour taught - to strengthen and help those around us instead of always worrying about our own wants. Being a mother I get to experience this in a more closed environment - our own home- as our young children are very dependent on us for everything. You roll up your sleeves and serve them from sun up until sun down, and though the days can feel long and tiring - you know that God is pleased with you for looking after some of His children. Jesus loved little children and welcomed them. He said "Whosoever shall receive one of such children in my name, receiveth me" (Mark 9:37). In this church, we believe in all that is good, uplifting and virtuous. I therefore can respect and love all people of all faiths or beliefs as I recognize the goodness in them. My neighbours and I respect eachother. Though we may differ in thoughts/beliefs we know of the goodness of the others heart and encourage eachother in all good pursuits. I serve the children in our congregation in what's called the "Primary". I get to teach them the teachings of Jesus and feel priviledged to be able to hear their prayers and their sincere and pure answers to questions. The church encourages us to strengthen our families as the family is the strongest unit of society. We try and do this by having at least one "Family Night" set aside each week (the kids really look forward to this), having daily family prayer and scripture study. Also, my husband and I try and have one "date night" a week (even if it's at home when the kids are in bed) - but it strengthens our relationship with eachother and keeps us on the "same page".