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Hi I'm Jonnie

I'm grew up in Northern Ireland.I'm a Chemistry teacher. I'm a husband and a father of three. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have been married for 6 years and am a father of a 5 year old and a 3 year old girl and a brand new baby boy. My family are my best friends and they come first in my life. Having served a mission in the USA I completed a degree in Biochemistry at Leeds University then became a qualified teacher. I am currently a teacher of High School Chemistry and have been doing that for 4 years. I have been involved in the Cadet Forces since I was in school and now run the Cadet Force in the School in which I now teach. Through that I took up Target Rifle Shooting and enjoy competitive Target Shooting. I have always been interested in politics and I think I drive my wife crazy sometimes about it but she's really very tolerant. I also enjoy caricaturing and painting when I get a chance.

Why I am a Mormon

Although I have been raised a member of the church, I have experienced moments of conversion which have built my faith. From a young age I remember discussing matters of faith with my parents and learning to rely on the Lord and prayer in difficult times. I remember times as a child when I found coming into church very difficult, my teachers would come out to the car where I was hiding and teach me lessons one to one. As I look back now, those moments are very special to me. As I got older and, as a teenager, felt the peer-pressure to do things I had been taught was wrong I decided that I needed to find out for myself for definite whether the Book of Mormon, and therefore the church to which I belonged, was true. As I knelt and asked the question I recognised a feeling I had felt before, but stronger than I had recognised it before. I could not deny it and made a commitment that day that I knew that it was true and would live it as best as I could. As a scientist I believe in evidence that comes from experimentation. When a hypothesis is given, that hypothesis can be tested through experimentation whcih will give consitent and reliable results. There is no difference to finding scientific truth and religious truth in this respect. The prophet Alma in the Book of Mormon invites us to undertake an experiment upon his 'words'. He gives a hypothesis that if we plant the seed of truth we are taught in our hearts and 'exercise a particle of faith' the seed will sprout and grow and we will come to know that it is a good seed. I know that every time I have exercised faith in a truth I have been taught, as described in Alma's experiment, I have received a consitent and reliable result in a witness of truth that comes through the Holy Ghost. Truth is truth, whether it be scientific or religious. I have felt that witness of truth through the Holy Ghost in religious meetings, but also in my study of science. I am grateful that we can know eternal truth through the spirit.

How I live my faith

I have enjoyed many opportunities to serve in church in my life. I love to work with the Youth and am constantly amazed by the goodness of our youth and how well they remain faithful to what they believe to be true, even when it seems so different to the expectations and pressures of prevailing modern culture. I currently serve as the Bishop which gives wonderful opportunities to get to know the members and gives great blessings to give of my time to help others.

Why don’t Mormons have paid clergy?

Jesus told Peter, "when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren". For Mormons, service in the church is fulfilling the Saviour's counsel to strengthen our brethren. He aslo said "whatsoever ye see me do, do ye also". In serving others and sacrificing our time to lift and bless others we are in a very real way following in the Master's footsteps and becoming more like him. For Mormons, religion is not just about worship on a Sunday, but it is about the way you live your life and give of yourself. For me, to be paid for what is a religious duty and privilege would take away the element of consecration of yourself involved and make it feel less sacred. Show more Show less