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Hi I'm Claire Stebbing

I'm an artist, a dreamer, a book smeller, and a dedicated leaf cruncher. I love life. I'm a mormon.

About Me

I am a college student studying art and design dreaming to one day work in the film industry. I love hiking and nature. I love the satisfaction of stepping on crunchy leaves. I am blessed with an amazing family who although separated by hundreds of miles are all very close and a huge part of my life. I think the world of my two older brothers and I have so much admiration for my parents. We are weird and quirky and silly and I think that's wonderful. I love theatre, film, and slam poetry. I have a soft spot for good story telling.

Why I am a Mormon

When I left home for college I realized I needed to know for certain who I was and where I was headed. At first I felt like I didn't have time for soul searching and truth seeking but I soon realized that without knowing the purpose of my life there was no point in doing anything at all. So I set my priorities straight and I began to study the Book of Mormon. I had been a member my whole life but I had never yearned so badly to know if what I had been taught was true. As I read I prayed consistently for understanding and an ability to recognize truth. I put the scriptures to the test, I applied the things I learned. One day I realized that I was certain that I was a daughter of God and I knew the Book of Mormon was true. I knew it because day by day and little by little the teachings of the Book of Mormon had brought amazing peace and joy into my life. I felt the spirit and I witnessed miracles, small miracles, but miracles none the less and I could not deny the way I felt or the blessings that I saw.

How I live my faith

I am leaving my sunny southern Californian home for the next year and a half to be a full time missionary in South Dakota and I have never been more excited in my life. I will get to spend every day of the next 18 months teaching people about the joy that comes from being close to God and helping them find that joy! I get to serve people in need and help people strengthen their families through Christ. I couldn't dream of doing something more fulfilling than that.

How can I know Mormonism is true?

Claire Stebbing
How do you go about learning if anything is true? You observe, you study, you ask, and you experiment... Some people talk about blind followers but God doesn't want blind followers, God wants people who follow because they can see! So observe. Look at the lives of people living the gospel (keeping in mind that these are imperfect people who certainly fall short but who are on a journey of their own to be better) What do you see? Study the scriptures! The wording may be intimidating but you will need to decide if these words are Gods words. Ask! The scriptures tell us to ask and to knock and they promise God will answer! Go to God and humbly ask if these things are true. Ask for the ability to recognize the truth! And then experiment! Take the things you read in the scriptures and apply them to your life and see what happens! Try keeping the commandments. Try exercising faith. As you diligently repeat these things you will get a unique feeling that we call the Spirit or the Holy Ghost confirming that these things are true. In the Book of Mormon this feeling is described as a swelling in the heart (Alma chapter 32). Many mormons describe it as a burning, or warm fuzzies. For me it is a distinct energy of peace and wholeness inside me, like a light has been turned on inside my heart. It is subtle but strong. Trust that feeling. Remember that you won't suddenly know everything at once, it is okay to have just a little knowledge and a lot of faith. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe concerning the doctrine of grace?

Claire Stebbing
The Book of Mormon teaches that we are absolutely saved by grace! That leaves, however, many to question why it is that we do so many "works" in the LDS faith. When I went to college my parents paid my tuition in full. I had no debt. Often I would find myself frustrated with school and comment to my mom about putting off an assignment or sleeping in and imediately she would remind me of the price tag on my education. A loving Heavenly Father desired for us to gain a mortal education and he has provided a way for us to gain one without debt. He paid the ultimate price, his only begotten son, and he paid it in full. Because of that we need to make the most of our mortal education. Just as I needed to do my homework and go to class, not for the purpose of paying for my education but for the purpose of appreciating the gift I was given, we do "works" in life not to save ourselves, not to pay the debt ourselves, but to make the price that was paid for us worth it. Christ died for our sins so that we could progress and move past our weaknesses. We are "saved" in vain if we do nothing to grow just as I would have gone to school in vain if I did nothing to further my knowledge. Grace is meant to be an enabling power to help us progress. I have felt that power, I know it is real. As you have faith, repent, are baptized and recieve the Holy Ghost you will feel it too. The power to change. The power to move forward. The power to become who God intends us to be. Show more Show less

Mormons believe Jesus Christ is their Savior. Why do we need a Savior?

Claire Stebbing
God is a just God. He is also our loving Father. He sent us here to earth to learn and grow but realized that there would be two obstacles that would stand in the way of our progression that we could not overcome on our own. Those obstacles are sin and death. Under the law of justice we would all have to suffer for our mistakes, or sins. Christ volunteered to pay the price for our mistakes in life, to satisfy the demands of justice in our behalf. Likewise he saves us from death because he has provided a way for every person who ever lives to be resurected. So we are saved from those obstacles and through Christ we can learn, grow and progress without hinderance. Show more Show less