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Hi I'm Damyn

I am a brother, son and friend. I love nature and the world in which we live. Physics is my passion. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm Damyn Chipman. I am currently studying Applied Physics at BYU in Provo, Utah. I am the oldest of three amazing sisters, and a son of two incredible parents. I recently returned home from an LDS mission to Mexico City, where I came to love the people of Mexico. Through life and it's ever present tests and trials, I have learned to face challenges head on. The best way to do that is by serving others and simply smiling. Physics is a passion for me. I love being able to understand and explain the simple yet profoundly complex world in which we live. It is evidence to me of a Divine Creator. Most of all, I love my family and friends. I am who I am because of them. I hope to be able to return the favor through daily service and love. In this, there is great joy!

Why I am a Mormon

I was raised in the church. But, I still had to be converted to this gospel. It is through a trial that I have come to know that this is true. I have a younger brother who past away when I was young. He had a condition known as hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which means when he was born, the left side of his heart was undeveloped. He past away four days after his birth. At the time, I was sad, but it wasn't until I became older that it started to trouble me. I missed my brother. I wondered why I had to lose him. While asking myself these questions, I prayed to God to know why my brother had to be taken from my family. I went years without truly getting an answer. But one night, my dad was sharing with us his thoughts on my brother passing. He said he had also asked why he had to lose a son. He than shared with me his testimony of the Plan of Salvation and where and why my brother had to leave. He knew that his son, my brother, was with God. When he said this, I knew what he said was true. Later he shared with me how he had to let my brother go at the hospital, and I felt the power of the Holy Ghost tell me it is all true. That night, I prayed to Heavenly Father to know if these things that I have been raised up in are true. I asked if the Book of Mormon is true. I asked and pleaded to know if I was in the right place. And I felt the reassuring power of the Holy Ghost tell me it is all true. I knew that this gospel is true, and I know it today. Since than I have gained an undeniable testimony of this gospel. I know that it is true. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. It was translated by the power of God by Joseph Smith, who was and is a prophet of God. I know that Joseph prayed, just as I have prayed, to know what is true, and he was told by God that this gospel is the true gospel. And I know that if we follow our Savoir Jesus Christ, through His Atonement, we can return to live with our family again someday. Of this I know, and have no doubt.

How I live my faith

As I prepare to serve a two year mission, I have found great joy in reading the scriptures and praying to my Heavenly Father. I enjoy reading about the life of my Savior and the life of Joseph Smith. It is through music, however, that I have found an appreciation of the talents of others. Listening to inspiring music by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and others has helped me draw closer to God.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

As one studies and observes the universe in which we live in, we come to realize the divine evidence that there is a God. A Book of Mormon prophet taught that "all things denote that there is a God". God, our Heavenly Father, is the creator of the universe through our Lord and Savoir Jesus Christ. All things in the universe, from the immense vastness of the stars, to the particles that make up the universe. Consider the detail in the universe. "All things denote there is a God" and you can know for yourself through prayer to God, the creator of the universe, who loves us to let us know He is there. Show more Show less

Why was a Restoration of the Gospel needed? Haven’t we always had the Bible?

Just as revelation was needed to guide the Lord's people, revelation is needed today. Through all time, God has revealed His word to His people, through the guidance of prophets, scripture and revelation. This is called a dispensation, when the authority of God, the Priesthood, was on the Earth, guiding the people. However, the people, just as in the days of Christ, reject the prophets and the authority of God is taken off of the Earth. When the authority of God is not on the Earth, it is called a period of Apostasy. But, because God loves us and wants us to be happy, he reveals His doctrine and gives His authority to prophets to lead and guide the people. God has always revealed His word, and will continue to do so. A restoration of the Gospel, through the prophet Joseph Smith, was needed to guide us in these days. Just as the revelation of the time of Adam was not sufficient to lead the people during the time of Noah or of the people of Moses, for they had prophets and revelation, we have revelation, such as the Book of Mormon and a modern prophet named Thomas S. Monson to lead and guide us in these days. Show more Show less

Why is authority to perform a baptism important?

Authority to act in God's name is necessary to do His work. This authority is called the Priesthood, and was restored to the prophet Joseph Smith in 1829. It is the same authority given to the Apostles in Biblical times, and Joseph received this authority directly from Peter, James, and John, as Heavenly Messengers. This authority that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has is traced back directly to Jesus Christ. It is His authority to do His work. Part of His work is baptism, and the proper authority is needed to perform baptisms in His name. Without the proper authority, traced back to Jesus Christ, the ordinance of Baptism is not valid. When performing a baptism in this church, only those who hold the Priesthood and is worthy to use it performs the baptism. Just as John the Baptist had the authority to baptize, we use this authority. However, baptism by water and immersion is not all, for unless a man be "born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God" (John 3:5). With the proper authority, members also receive the Gift of the Holy Ghost, by the laying on of hands. Show more Show less