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Hi I'm Glade

I'm a husband, a father, a bean counter, a computer geek, a fisherman, a hunter, a gardener. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am not someone that you would pick out of a crowd. My wife and I joke about being "plain vanilla". I like vanilla! Being in the lime light doesn't appeal to me in the least. I spend most of my time making sure my family has the necessities of life. My family is my life. We have 5 beautiful, perfect kids. Yes, I'm a proud, biased father. When I get a chance, I love to fish (trout), hunt (deer and elk) and grow a very large garden. My wife is my best friend (the fact that she is an amazing cook helps too). I served a mission in Argentina and loved it. The people are wonderful and Castellano (Spanish) became a second language that I cherish. I believe in hard work and the rewards that come through it. I have a bachelor of arts degree in Accounting, but have spent the last 13 years of my career as an IT Manager and DBA for a rural telephone company. Needless to say, I spend a lot of time on a computer and done everything from basic help desk to systems administration.

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I know it's true. That probably sounds cliché, but I think people forget that we are two part beings, part physical, part spiritual. The physical we accept readily, the spiritual takes some effort, some faith, some prayer, some action, but spiritual "proof" is just as real as physical. I have studied the scriptures, knelt in prayer, and put it to the test and every time I do it with sincere faith, I get a spiritual confirmation. Learning to recognize the whispering of the Holy Spirit and the hand of the Lord in my life has deepened my testimony and gives me the peace and comfort that I think all of us yearn for in life. I have also come to appreciate the practicality of being a Mormon. We are taught to be self-reliant, honest, chaste, giving, loving, believing people. The world sees the LDS standards as restrictions and out-of-date rules. I see them as guidelines to happiness and anchors in a ever changing wave of popular opinion. Think about it... If I'm self-reliant then I'm not looking for a handout from the government. If I'm honest then I never have to remember what lie I told whom. If I'm chaste then the sexual ills of society don't harm me. If I'm giving and loving then I can help those around me. If I'm believing then I have the hope I need to work for a better tomorrow. Being a Mormon make sense to me, both spiritually and temporally.

How I live my faith

I was born and raised in the church. I suppose to some that would mean that I was brainwashed from my youth to believe in Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, Priesthood, temples, modern day prophets, etc., but I think there comes a time for everyone, in or out of the church to decide on its validity. Being and active, dedicated member is tough, tiresome work, but it is also the most rewarding part of my life. I've held a number of callings over the years. Each one has come with it's own challenges and growing pains. Looking back I can see the Lord's hand in each one. I have come to understand that the Lord does have a plan for me. Not just the overall plan for all of us to return to his presence, but a plan tailor made for me, matched to my needs and my strength (or lack thereof). I've never had one of those miraculous miracles that some seem to have on a regular basis. I know that my Heavenly Father lives, that Jesus is the Christ, because I have felt and seen His loving hand in my life, countless times. Nothing huge, but add up all the small things and they become undeniable. The best way I can describe how this is for me is the way dew forms. Dew doesn't happen all at once like rain. It forms gradually. One molecule at a time. During the night. When morning breaks and the sun rises the dew is undeniably there on every blade of grass. As I run my hand over the grass that is my life, it is dripping with heavenly dew.