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Hi I'm Brady!!!!

I'm a snowboarder, an adventurist, a fun-seeker, a happiness-finder, and a lover of life. I am 20 years young and I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I love life! Snowboarding is my passion! The Mountains are beautiful proof of an almighty God. I enjoy lifting, and being fit and healthy! I like to be creative in my own way- whether it be with a guitar or a pen and paper. I try to find the authenticity in a world of constant change. I am currently serving a mission in Manchester, England! Life is gooooood.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up in the church from a young age but decided to find out if it was true on my own. The reasons I am a Mormon are endless. I seek the good in life. I want to submerse myself in the good of the world. The gospel of Jesus Christ has shown me that true happiness is out there, and it is free to everyone. I can see many ways this gospel has made my life better as well as many others. My family is strong and loving group of people that will always support me no matter what. My mom and dad love me. My dad grew up catholic but after marrying my mother and going to church with my mom he decided that with out a doubt this is the true church, and the church he wanted to raise a family in. His testimony has helped my own testimony grow. Many events happened in my life that gave me proof that this was the true gospel of Jesus Christ. I gained my faith of the Book of Mormon by simply reading the whole book and praying. Once I finished this book I could not deny its fullness of the truth. My testimony of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ came through answered prayers. I was in a time of need, it was the lowest I had ever been in my life. I prayed in desperation for something to happen. The very next day I woke up to find all my burdens were taken from me. New people came into my life that have changed me and made me better. This is not the only time my prayers have been answered. Every time I mess up I can always ask God for forgiveness with a sincere heart and I feel the guilt wiped away, this allows me the move on and become better. This church is true, it puts my life in order and gives me pure happiness. Life should be lived, not endured!

How I live my faith

I live my faith everyday. The choices I make, the actions I take, the desires of my heart, all represent who I am and who I want to be. My goal in life is to be Happy and I know that God has the ultimate plan for each of us to allow us to be Happy. By following his commandments and trusting His will, I know I can receive that Happiness that He has in store for me. God has shown me His love in many different ways and I know that He is really there!

Do you really believe there is a prophet like Moses alive today?

This is a very simple question. YES! Moses was a real prophet of God and did great things through Heavenly Father. It is hard for people to think that there could be prophets on the earth today so just ask yourself: Why would God only put prophets on the earth thousands of years ago? Why not now? especially when this world needs it the most now... There is a prophet on the earth today and his name is Thomas S. Monson. He is a great man and was called by God. His purpose is to lead this church according to the desires of our Lord. He is not paid to be the prophet and does not have a job. He is a humble man and is a messenger here on earth to teach the children of God what we need to know. Show more Show less

Why is authority to perform a baptism important?

Baptism is a sacred ordinance that must be completed in order to live with our Heavenly Father once more because, as it is said in the scriptures, no unclean thing can enter into Gods presence. John the baptist was given the authority to baptize and thats how Christ was baptized. Jesus Christ also gave his Apostles the authority to do these sacred ordinances. Christ did not just have some random person baptize him, it needs to be done correctly. If you are driving and a cop turns on his lights behind you, you will pull over instantly. Now lets say an ice cream truck tries pulling you over. I know for sure I wouldnt pull over! The ice cream man has no authority! The cop does though. Same thing with baptism, we must be baptized by someone with the authority of God just like John the baptist had. Show more Show less