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Hi I'm Clark

I grew up in Utah, but moved to Henderson, NV when I was 14. I love Maths, Science, Classical music, and Jesus Christ.

About Me

I live with my wonderful grandma, who is an Alzheimer's patient, both of my parents, and a younger brother. My older brother lives out of state working. I love being a good student in school: I'm currently in my senior year of High School, and will soon be graduating. Hopefully after my mission, which Is located in the Arkansas, Little Rock mission, I will be able to study further maths and sciences, perhaps even one day becoming proficient in a field respecting higher levels of maths and physics. I very much enjoy being active, although I have had some IT-band issues from running. Parkour is extremely enticing, and I can do very basic parkour, however, I hope to be able to one day do some cool flips off buildings! (That is more Freerunning, but hey!) One day I will run marathons, I find that when I run and get those endorphins, my whole body feels amazing, and I get some of my best ideas while in this state. Running can be very spiritual for me, especially when I hit a wall, I always tell myself that Christ lived a hard life, he did hard things, and so I must be strong and do hard things too. Creativity and imagination are very important aspects of life. Without art: Photographs, paintings, music,and even body art such as sports, life would be an extremely boring place indeed. Right now I can play a little bit of piano, nothing special, however I hope to one day be a little more proficient. For today, I'll just enjoy listening to the talents of others.

Why I am a Mormon

I used to live in Tooele, Utah, up until I was about 14 years old. While I lived in Utah I always believed in God, and while I used to live a bit of a rebellious life, I never regularly and on purpose, took the name of the Lord in vain. While in Utah I never had a real and sure testimony of either Jesus Christ, or the restoration of His Church. When I moved to Henderson, for the first few years I still lived in an apostate state. However, due to great church leaders and a wonderful girl, I was able to come unto Jesus Christ and learn of his divinity and Atonement. While coming into the Church, I never really had an "Ah-Ha!" moment, it was more of a gradual sunrise, each and every day, week, month, and year, I received a little more knowledge and my life changed for the better ever more gradually.

How I live my faith

I live my faith every day of my life. In no respects could I be considered a, "Sunday Mormon." I believe that each and every minute of each and every day, the disciples of Jesus Christ should hold themselves as such. I currently serve as a ward missionary, that is, a person who helps people in their little community come unto Jesus Christ, or even come back unto Jesus Christ. I absolutely love being a part of this, "Marvelous Work and Wonder," (Doctrine and Covenants Section 4, v. 1) because I can see how the members of His Church hold themselves and serve one another. Many times have I sat within a lesson with a family who brings the greatest testimony and greatest spirit of God within their home. The people of the world, and the people of His Church are magnificent. I am also the president of a local seminary class, and have had the opportunity to serve as the president of a different class. As part of my calling, I am able to pick the students who will give the spiritual thought on a given day. I love this part of the work, because I am able to receive inspiration and a spiritual confirmation almost on a daily basis. I tell the given student to pray and to try and incorporate a scripture, and try as hard as they may to say what the Lord Heavenly Father, and by extension the Savior Jesus Christ, would have them say. Spiritual thoughts given this way are always so... spiritual, the meanings, testimonies and explanation of scriptures are always so special, so sincere, and their love for and discipleship to the Savior Jesus Christ shine through their happy and beautiful countenance. I am currently preparing to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I couldn't be more excited: I will get to live 24/7 serving for the lord Jesus and building up his kingdom upon the earth. I can feel the spirit of the Lord as I prepare and practice teaching, but more importantly live how I would live if the Savior was by my side.