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Hi I'm Kacy Williams

My name is kacy Williams. I am 23 years old. I have a 15 month old beautiful sweet daughter and I am a proud mormon.

About Me

My name is kacy Williams and I have a beautiful 16 month old daughter who is the center of my world. I am from St. Lucia which is in the Caribbean but I now live in Idaho Falls, Idaho in the United States. I am a beautiful African American woman trying to live my life to my full potential and do the best I can each day. I am a convert to the church for 7 beautiful years now. There is not a day that goes by that I regret the decision I made to step into the waters of baptism. Although it has been a difficult path, it has truly been a blessing and joy to have the gospel in my life and to know that my Heavenly Father lives and loves me and no matter what I can always turn to him and know he will always be there for me. I attended BYU-I studying Sociology but took a break after I had my daughter and have not gone back since then, but I do plan on returning and finishing what I started. I believe I will switch my major to child development because I love children. I do hope to someday have a house full of children and an amazing husband who loves and respects me. I am a very outgoing individual. I love outdoor activities. I love sports and keeping fit. I love to sit and have long conversations and even movie nights. I love cooking and honestly keeping my apartment clean because I love a clean place.I love my daughter. She has been that rock in my life and kept me going through the hardest times. I am a very fun person and hardworking as well. In all I do, I do your best.

Why I am a Mormon

Before I became a latter day Saint I was a baptist. I found out about the church through two young missionaries who gave up two years of their life to spread the word about Christ and to bring many souls unto the Lord. I knew about Christ and the importance of having him in my life. But what I thought I knew, was little to what I was about to learn. When I first stepped into the church of Jesus Christ of latter Day Saints it was this wonderful comforting feeling. I immediately felt that comfort and love. That Sunday after I left I knew I wanted to return. It was different. Nothing compared to other churches. Everyone teaches everyone. You learn and grow from others and listening to the testimonies of others truly helps you grow and see how the Lord has blessed others life. I decided to take that step of converting to a mormon when I was 17 years old. My family did not support my decision but deep down I knew it was the right thing to do. I prayed about it sincerely and I did make time to read the book of mormon and see how the gospel has changed my life. I was learning about the importance of service, about the atonement and the love Christ has for us. I was learning about the Holy Ghost and the book of mormon. I was learning about Christ like attributes and the importance of trying our best to keep the commandments. I was learning about the word of wisdom and the law of chastity. How important it is to be sealed to your family in the temple for eternity and the three different kingdoms. My eyes were and still is open to learning new things and the importance of having christ in my life. I am learning alot and my questions are always being answered. I feel the spirit so strong when I attend church and seek to do good. I knew this church was the true church when I stepped into those doors and felt the spirit as strong as I did testifying to me the truthfulness of the gospel. We may not be perfect and may fall many times but we can always get back up and keep trying.

How I live my faith

Being a latter Day Saint has been a great joy for me. Although my family members are not members of the church I still live my life according to the principals and values the church preaches. Being a convert to the church has not always been an easy path for me. Sometimes it is hard to break your old habits and to start fresh where you have never been. But with prayer and trust in the Lord and a good support system, the Lord can help us and guide us through our many struggles and trials. I currently do not have a church calling. However when I was 19 I was a 2nd counselor in the young womens group. It is different in the Caribbean because we were just starting as a church and it was all still new to us. So we the young women presidency was learning together with the young women and growing spiritually together. I loved being in the young women and providing what ever service I can, and seeing those girl blossom into beautiful ladies. Home teachers are wonderful. Sometimes they come with a lesson to teach you that you may have needed or needed to hear. It is sometimes an answer to a prayer. There are times when you ares struggling, what ever the situation is an your home teachers come to give you a lesson that you needed. It is like going to sacrament and just feeling the comfort of the Holy Spirit. It is a blessing to have the Holy Spirit in my life. Although I do not have a calling I never let go of an opportunity to provide a service or help where I can. There is nothing to great for me to do for anyone. I just take my daughter along with me and go help out where I can. When I provide a service for others I feel good knowing that I have helped somebody out. Also sometimes when you are going through tough times doing service for others truly helps you to focus on other individuals but yourself and your problems and struggles.