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Hi I'm Linda

I'm a Yorkshire lass from Sheffield (that's in England!!) and proud of it. I love being a Mormon. My family do too.

About Me

My parents joined the church when I was just a toddler and so I was brought up with Mormon beliefs. Because I am headstrong I thought I knew better at 16 and tried to find a better way but my testimony of the truth of the Book of Mormon and how Joseph Smith restored the church in these latter days brought me back. I am a mother of 2 wonderful sons and motherhood has always been a joy to me even through all the normal challenges and trials. For most of their lives I was a single parent which was challenging at times but having the support of a loving family and the example of many role models in the church made a big difference. Music has always played a huge part in my life. My Dad was a music teacher. My Mum taught us to play the piano. My grandparents on both sides were also musical and enjoyed singing and listening to music. Sharing that love of music as I have taken responsibilites in the church has brought many happy times for us all.

Why I am a Mormon

Although my parents joined the church when I was small, I needed to know for myself that this church had the truth and that it was something that I wished to pursue and dedicate my life to. At 16 years old I thought I knew better than my parents and decided I didn't want to attend church. A couple of years later I met and fell in love with a wonderful young man and spent a lot of time with him. He was active in another faith and so were his family. As we grew to love each other more, we realised that to spend our lives together we would need to be sharing our beliefs as well as the other things we had in common. As I wasn't attending any church at that time I decided to look into what he believed with the hope of joining with him. However, the more I learned about his beliefs, the more I couldn't accept what he thought to be right and I began to really question what made sense to me and felt right in my heart. I was talking to someone who had recently joined the Mormon church and knew my family and we had many conversations about truth and beliefs. I finally realised that there was nothing about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints that I found unacceptable, in fact there were many things that gave me peace and made sense. Shortly after this I returned to activity in the church and decided to serve for 18 months as a missionary to share the rekindled fire of faith that I felt within. I thought my belief was strong when I left for my mission but as I studied more and shared the gospel with those who were interested, my faith and understanding grew and my love for my Saviour increased. I came to know that Jesus Christ is my brother, that He truly does know and love me. He promises that He will make the difference between our failings and insufficiencies if we turn to Him. I believe Him when He says that He will plead our cause with the Father and has taken upon Himself our transgressions. I know this is the only true church on the earth today.

How I live my faith

Throughout my life in the church I have had opportunites to work in different areas and with different groups of people. There are organised programmes for children, youth, young adults, women and men in the church and activites and spiritual development lessons are part of each area. Often my musical talents have been used such as playing the piano for the children on sundays and helping them learn songs and games in their classes has been great fun. I have attended camping activites with the young women and also worked with them to learn crafts such as crochet, sewing and knitting. Handicrafts are also something that I love to do. My mother taught me to knit at a young age and I learned how to crochet from one of the sisters at church. At school I took sewing lessons but didn't really make much of it until I left school and found that I could have more clothes that were a better fit than in the shop if I made them myself. I soon got better at making them and went on to make bridal, fancy dress and show costumes during the time that my boys were small and I needed a bit of extra cash. As I've got older I have enjoyed making for pleasure and added quilting to my repertoire. At present I am supervising the ladies over 18 in the area around where I live and the wider area across the county. We have been making baby hats and boottees for children who are abandoned in Albania where some of our missionaries are working. They help out in hospitals and orphanages and have told us about how many poor little babies have almost nothing to wear. Our hearts were touched and we held 2 Knit-a-thons this year to make items for them. Previously we were collecting clothing, bedding and easy-cook food for young people in local homeless shleters. I really love it that through the church we have all these opportunites to serve. The sisterhood in the church is a very supportive network where we can help one another and serve those in need.

Why do Mormons perform proxy baptisms in their temples?

I have been researching my family tree and have found many of my ancestors. I have learned their names, found out what they did in their lives and who they associated with. Some of their stories are tragic where they have lost babies after just having them for a few months. Some of them died in wars and were unable to have the life with their loved ones that they must have dreamed of. When I think of these people I can feel that they were real people, they lived their lives with hopes and dreams just as we do. By being able to act on their behalf in the temple and be baptised for them, I believe that I am giving them the opportunity to have some of the joys in life that I have had through being a member of the church. I believe that their spirits live on. I believe that they are able to continue to learn in the place where they now dwell. I believe that there are those who are in the same place as them that can teach them the gospel of Jesus Christ. They do not have physical bodies any more and so can't have the baptism thems elves and so by performing this in their names, I believe that they can have the opportunity to accept it and make progress with their learning about the gospel of Jesus Christ. I also believe that they still have the ability to choose and so if they don't want to accept this work, they don't have to. How wonderful is that??? Absolutely Fabulous!!! Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about the Holy Ghost? Who is the Holy Ghost?

The Holy Ghost is a member of the Godhead but for some reason I never thought about Him being an actual being. There are 3 actual beings in the Godhead. The Holy Ghost is the only one that doesn’t have a body. There is a reason for that. He needs to be able to speak to us Spirit to Spirit and stand beside us in every situation. When we have impressions in our minds of revelation or of instruction of things that we need to do, then this is the Holy Ghost whispering to us. I imagine that if the Saviour or our Heavenly Father spoke to us we would hear it like a person speaking – because that’s what they are – but when the Spirit speaks it penetrates deep into our souls. He speaks the words that our Heavenly Father wants us to hear and feel and can dwell in us to give us the comfort that comes directly from our Heavenly Father & the Saviour. At baptism we are given the gift to be able to have Him as our constant companion, to speak to us whenever we need it. He is with us at all times and only moves to the side of us if we are doing something that He finds unacceptable. None of the Godhead can be with us if we are wilfully committing sin. The Holy Ghost steps to the side of us if we are rebelling but slips right back close to us when we repent. He doesn’t go far away but if we continue in our bad ways then he steps a little further away. Show more Show less