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Hi I'm Jason

I grew up on Florida's east coast. I run ultramarathons and climb mountains. And I'm a Mormon.

About Me

The three things I love most in my life are the outdoors, my family, and Jesus Christ. At any given time you can find me doing something related to one or all of these things. I also love to help others whenever they are unable to help themselves. I am pursuing an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. In between my freshman and sophmore years, I will take a pause in my academics to serve a two-year mission to Maceió, Brazil.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I want to be. I want to have good direction and happiness in life. I know the high standards and clear directions given to us by a modern-day Prophet can lead us through a happy life if we follow them. I can look back at my past and have no regrets, as long as I am living God's commandments. Many people, including myself, can feel the presence of God around them. In the wonders of nature or the universe, in our daily lives, etc. As I grew up, I began to wonder what direction God would like me to take. I had grown up attending the Latter-day Saint church, and wanted to know if the things I was taught there were true. Scriptures in both the Holy Bible (James 1:5) and the Book of Mormon (Moroni 10:4-6) told me that if I had a question, I could ask God about it, and he will answer. I prayed to know if the things I had been taught were true. Not long afterwords, I felt peace about my life and the impression came into my mind "you have always known [the scriptures, church] to be true". With the help of the Holy Spirit, I realized that slowly but surely I had gained a testimony of my faith. When I followed the counsel of my parents and Sunday School teachers, I was happy. I knew that I was part of Jesus Christ's church, one that had existed anciently, and one that exists now. My knowledge and faith continues to increase, and as I do the things commanded to us through ancient and modern-day prophets, I grow closer to my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

As part of the Latter-day Saint faith, members attend church every Sunday to remember Christ's sacrifices for us, and to teach and uplift one another. But our faith is not a once-a-week religion. Every day I try my best to live by Christ's example, by living with high moral standards, clean language, love for others, and faith in God. I have come to realize how important it is to live my faith every day of the week, not just Sundays. Service to others is a high priority in my religion, as shown by the LDS Church's significant disaster-relief efforts. In 2004, when four hurricanes hit the east coast of Florida, many residents lost all or part of their roofs to wind and water damage. Within days of the especially damaging Hurricane Francis, members of our church from Alabama and Georgia came in buses to help with the damage. Several of them, my dad, and I were able to replace a neighbor's entire roof in just a couple days. Later, when Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast, LDS members in our area rode in buses to join yet another large relief effort. Big or small, service to family, friends, and neighbors is a huge part of my life and always will be. Another way I live my religion is sharing the Gospel of Christ with others. If someone has a question about the my religion, I am happy to share what we believe and how these beliefs have changed my life. Wanting to share my beliefs with others is a huge part of what I will be doing during my two-year mission to Brazil.

What do Mormons believe about the nature of God?

Many people around the world have always belived in various froms of our Creator, "God". Some that he is a ubiquitous, universal force. Some that he is a being that we must pray to and obey or be punished without mercy. But God is our Heavenly Father, "father" in every sense of the word. I respect and love him more than anyone one else, and take comfort that he is my Dad. Just like a regular dad, he wants me to talk to him about how things are going, good days or bad. He wants to know my hopes and life dreams. He wants to help out when I've got a big decision to make. He gives me fatherly advice about life, and tells me what I need to hear rather than just what I want to hear. When I don't listen he let's me make mistakes and learn the hard way. He wants me to learn and grow to be more like him. God knows everything, and he has all power. He loves us more than our own parents or anyone else in the world does. He created us for a reason, not to just live here, not learn anything, and then go to heaven. He's got a purpose for everything, and that includes us, his children. Show more Show less