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Hi I'm Bekah

I grew up in California. I am serving a mission in beautiful Las Vegas. I am HAPPY. :) I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a very simple follower of Jesus Christ. I grew up in the gospel surrounded by people who made following Christ's teachings seem like the best decision in the world. And after experiencing the different struggles of life, I testify that nothing in my life has brought me more happiness than being close to my Heavenly Father and Savior has. This is just who I am. I love church and I love sharing the gospel with anyone who will listen. I grew up in Fresno, California but my Sophomore year of high school we moved to Sugar City, Idaho. I love the heat, so moving somewhere so cold was a hard transition for me. But I always felt lucky to be surrounded by the people there. After I graduated from high school, I attended BYU-Hawaii for a year, where I heard the announcement that would change my life. On October 6th 2012, at 6:00 a.m. in the morning, I watched President Monson announce that women could serve a mission starting at the age of 19. Previous to the announcement I had been praying everyday about what my plan next year would be. Nothing felt right, but when I heard this announced on that early Saturday morning, I cried. I knew that this was my call. I felt the power of this generation as I watched the friends around me prepare for this sacred work. Now I am on my mission-- and my life continues to change and I see God's hand in my life now more than ever. And in the lives of others. Heavenly Father is GOOD. I love Him! The Book of Mormon has changed my life.

Why I am a Mormon

You know, it is easy for me to feel why I am a Mormon, but I don't think I have ever really explained why I, personally, am I Mormon. And as I have sat here for a while trying to think of reasons why I have chosen to remain a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, so many reasons have popped into my mind. Such as, I love that we have a living prophet on the Earth today (it just makes sense to me that the true church would still have that communication with Heaven). I love that the church pushes me to be in the world, but not of the world. Even if I was born outside of the church I just have a feeling that I would realize that having an "eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die" attitude is an idea that would hurt me, not make me feel happy. I love that we have temples. It is my favorite place to be, and I could never deny the truth and sacredness of them. I LOVE that the Savior is at the center, and that everything we do or learn about traces back to Him. But what makes me know that I will always be a Mormon?? I am and will always be a Mormon because more than anything, I believe in the Book of Mormon. No other church on this Earth believes in this great book, and I know that without this other testament of Jesus Christ, I would feel like a puzzle piece of life was missing. I would still believe in Christ, sure, but the Book of Mormon is a record of amazing people who I look up to with my whole heart. Their lives are full of family members and friends who struggle with faith in God and sometimes pride. Sometimes it is even they themselves who struggle...Is this not my very own story? Is this not your story? Christ always made things easy for all to understand by relating parables to our lives so that the message would mean more and sink into our hearts. Applying is the key. Doing something,taking the first step of faith,praying,committing to find out the truth is what will lead to answers."If any of YOU lack wisdom, let him ask of God."

How I live my faith

I live my faith by trying to serve whenever I can. I feel like in any religion, it is a commonly taught idea that to become more like the person or being we acknowledge to be deity, we need to be more selfless. A hard thing to do in the world we live in, but because it is difficult to overcome the natural man in us that tells us to just worry about ourselves, it makes doing the right thing feel even better. Probably the best feeling in this world. So, I love when I am able to serve in my ward or in my community. I realize and acknowledge completely that I still have some things to learn about my Savior, but when I make sacrifices that are not easy, I feel like I get a little glimpse of the love that Christ has for us. And it is at these times when I feel closest to Him, and also feel the most purpose in my life.