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Hi I'm Debbie Shead

I grew up in Oldham, Lancashire and I was raised in the Mormon church.

About Me

I have had the best Parents a child could ask for. I would say I had an idyllic childhood filled with love, fun and laughter. I remember many years that I was taken up to bed with stories and hugs and cuddles from both parents. We were an ordinary family who didn't have money for luxuries but never felt that we were poor. I have for the past twenty four years been married to Chris my Soulmate and best friend. I have a Son and three Daughters and four Grandchildren. I have had various jobs from working in shops to clerical at a catalogue company. I have done Hair and Beauty Therapy training. For the past five years I have been a homemaker to my Husband and Children and carer for my Elderly Parents who had many illnesses. I enjoy music, reading, cinema, theatre and travel. Spending time with my Grandchildren makes me happy and keeps me laughing.

Why I am a Mormon

As a small child I was very aware that Jesus was my loving Brother, that he was real and he was concerned about my happiness and well being. I had a Ladybird book that had stories of Jesus in it which my Mum used to read to me every night. I always knew that Jesus was a Man with a body of flesh and blood. From an early age I understood that when I died I would return to live with Jesus and my Heavenly Father and that I would be with my family forever, this gave me great peace and comfort. It has been a blessing to know that I lived in Heaven before I was born, that I came here to have a physical body and to choose the right so I could return to my home above and that when I die I will live once more. My life journey has had it's ups and downs, I have made mistakes and wrong choices but I have repented and put them behind me. I know that if I keep on trying each day to live the Gospel I will succeed and be with my wonderful Husband, Children and Family for Eternity. My faith in Heavenly Father his Son Jesus Christ and the Church are important to me, I cannot think of a better way to live! The World needs people who live there lives with Honour, Virtue, Honesty, Integrity, Family, Kindness, Patience, Manners, Politeness, Love and Service to their Fellow men. When you make a right choice or decision it brings great happiness and Peace to your very being and soul. I will be ever grateful to my parents who prayed to know which Church to join and were sent the Missionaries to knock on their door in answer to that prayer. That they accepted the church and lived it everyday of their lives and set me that wonderful example.

How I live my faith

I guess the main thing is that I live it because I know its true! I wish all my family and friends were members too. I attend church each Sunday and the things I learn there I try to practise in my life. I read the scriptures and will often find answers to help me resolve problems, give me answers to questions, that give me peace or fill my heart with love and appreciation. I know that through Prayer you can receive answers to questions and problems. I prayed to know the truth of the Gospel and received an answer to that Prayer. I Have seen the power of Priesthood blessings for healing the sick, I have received blessings and as my loving Father or Husband have laid their hands upon my head I have been healed. We have Conference twice a year where the Prophet and Apostle's speak to us and tell us things that will help us in our lives, a living Prophet who speaks to us today, amazing. I live the Word of Wisdom so I do not drink Alcohol or use any drugs other than prescribed by the Doctor, I do not smoke and I am happy that I am not addicted to these things that will affect my health, lifestyle and finances. Last year both my Parents passed away and although it was a sad and difficult time I also felt Joy to know they had safely returned to be with all our family and friends and that they would be welcomed home by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, I felt strengthened by that knowledge. I have held callings in which I have taught children or adults. I have given talks to the Congregation. I have sang in choirs and small groups. When you are a member of the church you don't just think of this time on earth, you think about how you want to live each day, you want to do your best , you want to be the best you can be so you will be happy eternally. It's not always easy and I know I have flaws and weaknesses but as long as I keep trying, keep improving and most importantly know how much Heavenly Father and Jesus loves me and wants me to succeed, I will keep on going!