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Hi I'm Benjamin Michael Bahr

I've acted perfessionally, played Football at university, I served as a missionary in Manchester England. I'm a Mormon

About Me

While growing up I have been well rounded in the things that I have done. I have always loved acting, playing sports and learning new things. I have grown up in a theater background so I had a love for it from the start. Because of my love for it I have strived to be better at it and I have been able to act perfessionally because of it. I love the things that I am able to learn from the language of theater. I have also been a fan of European Football ever since I was 9. I have continued to work on my abilities and because of the hard work and dedication I have put into it, I have been able to play at a university level. I love the rush of being on the field and giving my best. With the time that I have spent acting and playing it has taken me away from school but that did not stop my determination to continue to learn. It caused me to have to put more time and effort in my studies and with the help of loved ones I was able to excel in my studies. Even with these loves that I have for Theater, Football and Education, I momentarily put them on hold for something better. I chose to give two years of my life to something I believe in and that is God. I have come to know that God is there and that through him I am able to overcome the trials that I face. Because of God I have these talents that make me who I am and I am forever grateful for the experiences that I have. I served as a missionary in England for two years so that I could give this same joy to others that I meet.

Why I am a Mormon

There are many reasons why I have chosen to be a Mormon. One is because of the influence that I have seen from my family and friends. I have seen the light that can shine from living Gods principles. My family has always been a huge help. They have given me all the necessities I need in order to be a successful man. And I have never been so successful as when I have been rooted with what God wants me to do. Through my affiliation with Theater and Football I have had many great friends who have different standards than I had. Because they were my true friends they have helped me find out who I should be. They have had a impact upon my life and taught me to be myself. I have seen the benefits from these friends of living the gospel. In particular I have seen many of them lose everything they hold dear because they weren't living the principles that I was living. I have seen how this gospel or belief has given hope and strength to me and those I teach. I have seen the very countenance of a man change when he applies himself to these truths. I have seen him become a better person and even save the lives of those he loves because of this gospel. This gospel has changed him as well as me and I cannot deny the blessings that I have recieved. I am a Mormon because I have received physical and spiritual confirmations that it is true. There is no other way to explain the feelings that I have received besides saying they were how I needed them and I knew that it was from God.

How I live my faith

For the two years I gave my full attention to serving the Lord. I left my home and all that I enjoyed for two years so that I could help other people find their purpose in life. I have come to know that my purpose is to do my best in this life and to someday gain my reward of living with God and my family after this life. As I gained this knowledge I have experienced many hard times but the good times always outweigh the bad ones. Because of the knowledge that I have I am grateful for the hard times that come because I can become a better person through them. I have always wanted to be the best I can be and the only way that I have become better is when I focus on what God wants me to become. I has taken hard work but with determination I have seen the benefits come from it. There is one quote in which I strive to live my life by and it comes from my theater background. It is from a play called Hamlet. It states, "This above all; to thine own self be true" I strive my best to be true to myself and as I do the things that my mind tells me, I do what God would have me do. As we do our best we discover that God is the one guiding us. There is a scripture that states "that which is of God inviteth and enticeth to do good". To me this means everything that I do that is good and is inspiring others to do good is of God and I know that it is true. I will continue to share this message with others that I meet. I know that this message will build everyone no matter who they are.