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Hi I'm Maxwell S. Hill

Musician | Artist | Entrepreneur | Missionary | Mormon

About Me

I was born in Payson, UT on April 22nd, 1995 (on the same day & in the same city as my great-grandfather, Von Hill). I lived in Orem, UT until I was 8 years old, then my family moved to Lindon, UT where I lived until I served as a full-time (two-year) missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons) in Dallas, Texas at the age of 18. Growing up, I loved to play sports; I played everything that my Mamma would sign me up for: Football; baseball; basketball; lacrosse; volleyball; etc. At the age of 13, however, I realized I could beat up on people & get beat up, calling it sport (tackle football, to be precise) & I decided that was the environment where I belonged. I was determined to become an all-state runningback like my childhood hero Tyler Wilkinson & eventually play for the Air Force Academy. My plans changed as I suffered a season-ending fibula break during the first game of my senior football season. This experience shaped much of who I am today, but there is a 1500 character limit that I am approaching so I better save it for another day. Anyway, I went from being a football player to a full-time missionary (as mentioned above) where I learned to teach others about Jesus Christ (in both Spanish & English). Since my missionary homecoming in June of 2015, I have been an undergraduate student at Brigham Young University, studying entrepreneurship. E-mail me if you want to hear more of my story: silas.maxwell.hill@gmail.com

Why I am a Mormon

I chose to be baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when I was eight years old. I was baptized on the same day as one of my best friends, Dyson. Even though my memory is fading & my judgment is imperfect, there is one experience from my childhood that I will never forget that I believe led me to be baptized. As a six-year-old, my parents took me to see a movie in the theaters, it was called "The Other Side of Heaven." It was about a missionary who went to Tonga to teach people about Jesus Christ. He saw God work miracles in his life & the lives of all of the islanders. When his mission was finished, he got on a small boat to leave home. As the boat paddled away from the shore, every single islander walked to the shore, weeping & singing that God might protect him until they saw each other again. As I watched this scene, I was filled with the Spirit of God or the Holy Ghost & I knew that God wanted me to be a missionary. I didn't know any other way of becoming a missionary then through being baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Now, fifteen years later, I look back on the revelation that God gave me as a six-year-old boy & I recognize that God wanted me to become more than just a missionary, He wanted me to become just like He is. I have come to know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the Lord's Kingdom established on the earth to prepare the world for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. In His Church, He has called Prophets & Apostles to reveal the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the pathway to peace in this life & eternal life in the world to come. As I have come to know God through the revealed world of both modern-day & ancient Prophets, I have felt my life be filled with greater purpose, I have felt hope for the future & have felt a greater sense of peace despite the many difficulties & uncertainties of life. I am a Mormon because it is the greatest resource that I have found to bring me closer to God.

How I live my faith

I just recently moved home w/ my parents in Mapleton, UT where I attend church. I have been asked to help my congregation by teaching the four-year-old children about Jesus Christ. I also have been assigned a family & an individual to hometeach each month. Beyond my service as a teacher for my class of four-year-old children & my two families, faith is a central aspect of my life. From modern & ancient prophets, we learn that "faith is a hope for things, which are not seen, which are true." In this context, we all live by faith when we make choices that lead us to hopeful outcomes, but the truth of our hope comes in & through our Savior, Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the hope of our lives because He has overcome sin & death. This means that all mankind can be cleansed from sin & live again the the presence of God, our Heavenly Father. So how does faith in Jesus Christ translate to my life? There is so much that I wish that I could say (e-mail me if you want to hear more: silas.maxwell.hill@gmail.com), but my faith in Jesus Christ is manifested in three primary ways: Prayer; scripture study & obedience. God is our Father. He is a all-knowing, all-loving & all-powerful. He wants us (His children) to have full access to His power so He taught us how to pray. Prayer is the act by which the will of the Father & the will of the child are brought into correspondence with each other. In other words, prayer is the means to accessing God's power: The power of His knowledge; the power of His love & the power of His priesthood (words like "priesthood" can be explained all throughout this website; simply type the word you are looking to understand into the search bar & you can read explanations & descriptions from Mormons all over the world). I pray every single day to thank God for another day of life that I have been able to live. To hear more about how I live my faith e-mail me at: silas.maxwell.hill@gmail.com