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Hi I'm Amy Jacobsen Ferguson

Hi, my name is Amy. I am married and I'm raising 5 children. One of my new hobbies is taking pictures. I am a Mormon.

About Me

I am a stay at home mom. Well, not exactly. Having 5 kids keeps me hopping most of the time. I of course spend a lot of my days cleaning up after them and running them from activity to activity, but I try to find time to volunteer in my kids classes, help with church activities. In my spare time my hobbies are: Singing, scanning old photos from my childhood or my from my Grandparent's. I've been dating, labeling, and sorting & editing them. Recently I have started learning to be a photographer. (On my own..) It's a slow go, but I'm excited to learn.

Why I am a Mormon

In this church there are values. The world is in need of those values. I want my children to be honest, but I want them to know why it's important to be honest. I want them to obey me and be good, but I want them to know why we try to be good. Not just so you don't get into trouble. In our church some people say we have a lot of don'ts. I'll tell you what, it's because of those don'ts that save us a lot of heart ache. Those don'ts protect us from a lot of unwanted consequences. We believe in virtue. Our youth are taught to dress modestly to keep themselves pure and wait until marriage and then after marriage keep sex only between husband and wife. That law is a blessing to all. When that law is broken families are destroyed, trust is broken, sometimes unexpected babies result. We believe in the word of wisdom, which is to not drink coffee, tea, or alcohol we are taught to not smoke and not to do drugs. If you don't ever drink alcohol, you will never have a drinking problem. You will not act stupid and say things you might later regret or physically hurt someone because your senses are impaired. If you never smoke, you will smell better, you will feel healthier, you won't have as big of a risk of lung cancer etc... If you don't do drugs, well...that's obvious. I think you get the picture. I know we have a living prophet to give us those commandments. I have prayed to know this is true. It is. Do you realize what a miracle it is to have a living prophet on the earth today? That's not something I take for granted. God loves us enough to give us a prophet. I want to know what he has to say and try and follow him. He does not give us these commandments to restrict us, but because he loves us and knows what will make us happy.

How I live my faith

I was raised in the church. Both of my parents are active members of the church. When I became a teenager I decided to find out for myself not my parents or family or friends if the church I had always gone to was really something for me and where God wanted me to be. I prayed and read my scriptures. Bible and Book of Mormon. I prayed to God to know if it was true. I didn't have any earth shattering experience but a very peaceful feeling came over me and the thoughts of "You've already known" kept coming to my mind. That was it for me. In our church there is no paid ministry so we all get to do our part in helping in the church. When I was a teenager I served in a Young Women's Presidency several times. Helping plan activities for fun, but also to help us all develop spiritually. When I was 21 years old, I decided to serve a mission for the church. That was a big deal for me. That meant leaving behind family and friends. Not getting to go to special occasions for those friends, like weddings seeing new babies etc... I chose to do this because of how much I feel blessed to be a member of the church. I felt so strong about it that I wanted others to have the blessings I had. Since I've been home from my mission, in the church, I have served in other presidencies for the Women, Teenage girls and also for the children. I've been a Sunday School teacher, Cub scout leader, and I'm currently serving as a Choir director.