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Hi I'm Jon Lever

I'm from Bournemouth England, I've an amazing wife, own my own plumbing company and a semi professional footballer :-)

About Me

Hi, I'm Jon, husband, businessman and amateur athlete. The Church is the best thing i have ever done. I joined in August 2011 with an amazing testimony of the gospel. I had a spine tingling experience when being taught by my senior missionaries, it was as if everything they said i already knew. It all made sense =) The Gospel came at a time in my life as I started to realise that my exotic socialising was going nowhere good. I realised I was trying to make people like me that i didn't even know, rather than looking after my own happiness. The Church and the Gospels teachings, especially the Book Of Mormon, guided me, with strong heart felt feelings from the holy ghost, in the direction of my dreams. Since joining the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter day Saints, I have been blessed in starting my own plumbing business and best of all meeting the girl of my dreams, who i am now happily married to. My health and fitness have improved dramatically through the Word of Wisdom. I would challenge anyone to try it, to see the benefits. My sporting ability has thrived. My every day mental state is much happier knowing that my trials are only temporary and where as before i would become frustrated and a bit hot headed, through the understanding of the gospel those emotions hardly exist. I love this Gospel and would encourage everyone to give it a sincere try, diligently asking God of its truth. I know its truth through many spiritual witnesses. I promise you it will change your life =)

Why I am a Mormon

The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints has change my life massively. I have gone from being single with a lot of female friends to being married, dedicating my life to one beautiful woman, that woman being my wife. The teachings of the Gospel changed my behaviour and ways to enable me to attract the girl of my dreams. It didn't change my personality but the way I behaved and how i viewed my life, in where it was and where i wanted it to be. I know that without knowing the truth of the Gospel, i wouldn't have my own business and would still be on a small wage, not being able to progress to my full potential. I know the Church has made me ten times better than i was before. My look on life is a lot less cloudy and tunnel visioned but more clearer, in being able to see the whole picture. I am able to plan ahead and know how i can achieve my goals. I would encourage everyone to give it a try and search for that special, personal, spiritual confirmation, that is an experience that guides you to your full potential. It's an experience that only the individual can find through studying the teachings. I love studying as i find something new and uplifting every time. Watching general conference and the talks by the Profits and Apostles help me know what to do with my life. Before listening and watching the talks, I write down life questions that i need help in answering and although my answer isn't physically read out, I receive my answers through the soft voice of the holy ghost. It enabling me to focus and see the best path to take. I love the gospel and will never be able to repay back the joy and happiness that it has brought to my life. I know this to be true, in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

How I live my faith

I love to serve and in doing so i am able to help the young men in the church, voluntarily, by helping to organise campimp trips, weekend activities and evening events. I am also able to visit three families within the church, once a month, in-which two out of the three families are elderly, to see if my acquired skills can improve there lives within there home in any way. For example any D.I.Y repairs that would help them about in there homes. I enjoy visiting the three families as it keeps myself and them social and not feeling lonely. I also enjoy going out with the missionaries and helping them teach anyone investigating the church. I dont drink alcohol or smoke or drink tea and coffee because i have seen the enormous health benefits since i gave them all up. i always have a smile on my face and willing to help anyone in need. i have removed all vulgar and explicit language from my vocabulary and people notice, comment and appreciate my improved wording by apologising and correcting themselves in their own sentences.

Why is it important for us to take care of our bodies? Why are our bodies called temples of God in the Bible?

Jon Lever
it is important to take care of our bodies;- to make everyday life easier, from walking up the stairs to running for a bus. physically our life is more enjoyable with a healthy body. playing with family friends and children are much more enjoyable with a healthy body. spiritually having a healthy body allows the mind to focus easier and be able to be lead down a path of righteousness. as a pure healthy body and a well nourished spirit go hand in hand, our full potential is in reach. nothing can stop us from achieving our goals. Show more Show less

What is being a Mormon like?

Jon Lever
being a mormon is amazing. i personally love it. it keeps me healthy, full of joy and an eternal outlook on life. im a lot happier within myself. being a mormon has helped me plan my life for the best, always encouraging me to be the best i can be for myself and my family. Show more Show less

Do Mormons practice polygamy?

Jon Lever
no. i love my wife and wouldn't want anyone else. polygamy commits adultery and breaks the law of chastity. both commandments of god that we are taught not to break. being married is a sacred covenant between one man and one woman, for the creation of a family. which is the best thing in the world. Show more Show less