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Hi I'm Drew

I'm was raised Utah, I love Music, People, and Thinking, and of course I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I grew up in Utah, right smack in the middle of Mormon central. I live in a family of only boys (and a mom) and i'm the youngest of the three. We love doing stuff as a family. At a young age I found that I was really into music and even though I'm not extraordinary at playing any instruments its always been a fun pass time for me. When I went to college, through different interactions with so many people and taking different classes, I found that I was curious about just about everything! How computers and cars work, how different people think about and interpret the world, and even how zippers work. (I do know how they work now.) I found what makes me unique is i love to learn, think, and understand the simple as well as the complex things of the world.

Why I am a Mormon

Similar to what I said in the above, I've always been Mormon. However, there came a time in my life when I questioned the very existence of god. I had never seen god and to be honest never had many recollections of a spiritual experience. I had heard all my friends say, "I know the church is true!" and "This church has blessed my life beyond measure." I had said those things before too, but when I went to college I had the thought "Do I really know? I have never specifically seen how the church had blessed my life. Do I really believe that there is a real Jesus Christ and that he really atoned for my so called sins? I was filled with these thoughts. I found myself slowly becoming discouraged because I seemingly seemed to have less of a connection with God then my friends did. They always proclaimed the church is true with such confidence and vitality, and even though I had grown up with it I never took the time to find out for my self. So I Then decided to find out. In the end of the Book of Mormon, Moroni, one of the Book of Mormon Prophets makes a promise. He States that if we ask in faith, god will answer, through the power of the Holy Ghost, any question we have regarding religion or secular matters. God answered my questions. Not through a spiritual manifestation, or even lightning bolts. It was simply a feeling in my heart. I could not deny this feeling so that is why I choose to be Mormon.

How I live my faith

Well Growing up in the heart of the Mormon community, it was never very hard to live my faith. It was generally accepted and sometimes even "cool" to be the goody good. None the less I found, through a few experiences, that not everyone regards being faithful and obedient or otherwise "good" as "cool". Through my high school experience, as i'm sure many of us know, the idea's of rebellion, going against the crowd, discovering yourself, and finding what makes one unique, slip into peoples mind. I was no exception to this. I wanted of course to be accepted, but I wanted to be my own person as well. For most of my life, it had always been easy to live my faith, but slowly as the people around began to grow up and specifically in high school I discovered that the Mormon standards I'd grown up with were becoming less and less popular. This terrified me. I knew how my Heavenly Father wanted me to live, but to me it seemed that some of my friends around me either didn't know or didn't care. I soon realized that I would either have to lower my standards to fit in, or give up some of my friends that i'd known all my life. Eventually I chose to live a life centered around the teachings i'd been taught all my life. I chose to live in a manner that I knew was in harmony with my religion. Even though I never have been in on what I thought the "in crowd" was, I have always been blessed with friends and a peace of mind. I know that even though it may be hard, If we live a Christ centered life, God will bless us and comfort us in our darkest hours. We are Heavenly Fathers children and he cares for us like only a father can. He knows each one of us individually and can help us through any trial we will ever have or may be currently having.