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Hi I'm Martin

I am a husband and father of 8. When I'm not an IT professional I love sport and doing family history work .... and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

In my working life I am a Business Analyst and have over 25 years experience working on various business change projects in the financial services, telecomms and gas industries. Family events score high in my list of priorities. Both I and my wife have been through a divorce, so we juggle our time between a large extended family of 8 wonderful children. I love getting together, although it is a challenge to spread time fairly amongst them all. I love sport. My competitive personna manifests itself whenever I watch or play, particularly football. Nothing brings out the emotional me more than watching someone excel in their sport. Age doesn't allow so much participation now, although in order to maintain a modicum of fitness I do like to go for a run , conquer high peaks or coastal walks and play golf whenever I can get the chance between family and church responsibilities. I spend many hours these days researching my family history and, in quiet times, I love reading history and biographies (mainly politicians I've noticed on my bookshelf) and, oh yes, I mustn't forget the lengthening list of DIY thigs to do!

Why I am a Mormon

When I tell people my parents were converts to the church and I was brought up as LDS, I'm quick to add that I'm a convert too! It's vitally important to have a testimony of your own and not to forever lean on the testimony of your parents or friends, although with what life throws at you, there's always times when we need to support and lift each other. When I left home and went in to the 'big wide world' of work I realised I had to stand up for what I believed, so it was at that time in my life, whilst being challenged by work colleagues to change my standards, that I seriously wanted to know whether it was true or not. I couldn't continue for the rest of my life not knowing with absolute surety. In my determination to find out for myself, I did what I think everyone has to do if they are to really know, that is to seriously consider and test what is called 'Moroni's promise' which can be found in the Book of Mormon (Moroni 10:3-5). I sincerely asked God my Heavenly Father, with real intent, in prayer over a period of time whether the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was His church and whether Joseph Smith did, in reality, see Him and His son, Jesus Christ, in the grove of trees as Joseph said he did. I testify that I received a witness that encompassed my whole soul, something felt, a feeling that "passeth all understanding" that cannot be described, that all that I prayed about was indeed true. This answer to my prayers has remained with me for over 30 years and has been my anchor and true blessing in my life. Yes, of course, there are times when life has been tough and I have doubted, but through these 'trials of faith' I have pulled through and my testimony has become even stronger. I'm also a Mormon, because what it teaches makes sense to me, particulalry the clarity with which God's Plan of Salvation is taught. That we did not"flair into existence" when we were born, but are literally spirit sons and daughters of God.

How I live my faith

The Church has been a place where I've been able to develop my talents and has taught me unselfish service. My current job is to help run sunday school for the primary aged children. I train sunday school leaders and teachers and occasionally muck-in and do some teaching of my own; I've even been known to run the children's singing time which is a lot of fun! I also organise activities for our single adults, helping them to come together from far and near to socialise and draw strength from one another. Being a lay church, every worthy male member over the age of 12 is able to hold the priesthood with a sacred responsibility to minister in our community under the direction of our Bishop. In doing this I visit a few families in our area to check they are well and to leave a spiritual message. I offer help and support and, in cases where the need is greater than I can fulfil, I call upon other church members to help. This engenders a wonderful community spirit amongst us. The purpose of all the Church activities and programmes are, however, to help me be a better husband and father in my own home. So, spending 'quality' time with my family and having personal and family prayer and scripture study are very much a part of my life and how I gain strength and, hopefully, the wisdom to maintain a safe and happy home and provide direction for my family. My wife and I also love to go to the temple and participate in sacred ordinances which seal marriages and families together for eternity. We always return having a peace and a renewed perspective on our lives and the courage and strength to continue our 'daily labours'. In living my faith I also feel the obligation to share the knowledge I have of the 'restored' gospel to whoever I meet. I enjoy working with the full-time missionaries and helping them in any way I can to teach people about the wonderful truths of the gospel that we have and cherish.