What Is a Church Community?

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Hi I'm Geneal Hunter

I was born in Jamaica but I live in England. I am a Psychology student. I am a daughter and I am a Latter Day Saint.

About Me

Wow, well I am 19 years old and I am currently studying English Literature and Psychology at college.I enjoy listening to music, for me it is just amazing. I love to play games like scrabble, twister and hide and seek, ' I think I will forever be a kid at heart'. I love to laugh and make other people laugh, for me there is no greater feeling than making others happy. I like to read when I get the chance. I find that books help me to escape to different worlds and allow me to see life though other peoples eyes, even though a lot of the books I read are fictional. I love art. I like to draw and I enjoy going to art galleries. I love my family and I adore my friends but most importantly However, I love my Heavenly father and I love the savior and I am grateful for the Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because at 15 years old, I knew I needed something in my life but I never new what. I specifically remember having a dream of just falling, of being nothing of being covered by a big black sky. I remember crying and thinking is this all that I live for? Do i live, have a family and make friends all to just die and become nothing? This dream haunted me and all I could do was cry. However, years later two missionaries came to my door and showed me and my family a video called 'The restoration of the gospel'. A boy named Joseph Smith aged 15 went to a grove of trees to pray and he saw the savior and heavenly father who told him that he shouldn't join any of the churches; because he would help restore the Lords church in the latter days. These said missionaries told me to do as Joseph Smith did and to pray to my heavenly father and ask if these things I watched were true. I knelt down to pray, and although, I did not see a vision of angels or the savior or my Heavenly Father. I received this extraordinary feeling of peace and joy, and a feeling of truth. It was a feeling I had never felt before and If I did could not recall. I Knew at just 15, from that day on, that the church was true. The feeling I felt was the lord telling me that the church is true and that is why I am a member of this church till this day and will be forever more. I am a Latter Day Saint because I know that the Lord lives and this is his true church on the earth today.

How I live my faith

I live my faith by going to church every Sunday but making sure that I am faithful every day and not just on Sundays. I live my faith by service. I adore serving others and getting to know them. In church I am provided with instances to talk to members, to say hello, to ask them how they are doing and fundamentally to be a friend. I have many friends outside of the church and many whom are atheist, for me because I know that the lord lives, I always try my best to share my beliefs with my friends and try to be an example to them. Fundamentally I live most of my faith through my actions. I do not drink, I try to always be happy and I try to help others and not to judge them. I live my faith by trying to Love everyone around me even when It is difficult too.

What is the Relief Society?

Geneal Hunter
The relief society is a women's organisation. The purpose of relief society is to strengthen the homes and families of other sisters, to increase faith and personal righteousness and help those in need.It is an organisation which is open to all females in the church and it is a body founded upon love and service. Show more Show less

What do Mormons believe about the nature of God?

Geneal Hunter
It is very important to know that Mormons believe that God or our Heavenly Father is a 'Loving' father in heaven. God is not a evil dictator, he is not a being who wants to inflict pain and torment upon his children but he is a immortal man of flesh and bones, who has such love for all of his children that our human minds cannot fathom. He is all seeing, omnipotent, just, merciful, kind, caring and never changing.The Lord has a plan for us all on earth, which is for us to have joy, to become better on this earth so that we can return to live with him and our families when this mortal life is over. Show more Show less