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Hi I'm Auben

I'm from Georgia, I enjoy guitar, Mixed Martial Arts, film, writing, Mormonism, and being handsome.

About Me

Hello, hello! My name is Auben and my hobbies include playing guitar in such a sick manner that it rocks the socks off of the forces of evil, Mixed-Martial-Arts, Airsoft, writing, and extremely amateur film-making. I have studied Criminal Justice for two years and I plan on becoming an Army Ranger. Or a film-maker. Or a lawyer. One of the three. Who knows? Regardless I intend to keep being cool. And Mormon, which is an extension of my cool, like peanut butter and Jelly, except in this case I find myself the jelly - vastly less cool than peanut butter, but still pretty tasty and made 3.72 times tastier by the presence of peanut butter. Which, in this case, is a direct reference to Mormonism, which is cool, and also peanut-buttery.

Why I am a Mormon

This is where stuff gets real. Suffice it to say, there was a point in my life - such as in everyone's - that I had to decide what I believe. This realization came sooner in life for me than I would have preferred, but I came to a point where answers were no longer optional. I searched and researched religion. My parents had raised me in the Mormon faith, but they always expected me to come to my own beliefs. Having the Gospel in my life had perhaps desensitized me to it, and I didn't appreciate it at the time. I investigated some Asian religions who professed a lack of a physical Creator but immediately was turned away by its nature of blind faith in unknowable beings. I learned that if I were to put faith in something, it would be something I could at least come to a marginal understanding of.

How I live my faith

Stuff keeps being real. Really real. This same notion of an untangible Creator was also the root of the cause that turned me away from such practices as Atheism and Agnosticism. Something inside me yearned for a God of the tangible. I could not fathom the possibility of a universe created by some large explosion, that somehow produced human life and eventually led to the events that led to my own existance. Ruling these out, I turned again to Christianity, this time with a more open mind. Amidst all but one of the sects I have noticed that there is one common belief that has grown stronger through the ages -- that God is an unknowable being of Spirit, who lacks a body of flesh and blood, and will never be relatable to mankind. If I stand upon a very physical world, with a very physical body, in a very physical universe, should it not stand to reason that the Creator of such things is a very physical entity? With a very tangible body? Who is perhaps relatable and even knowable? And if God is a God of the tangible, would he not use tangible means to work among his tangible creations? God is an unchanging Being of the physical as well as the spiritual, and he acts today through prophets. I had the awesome priveledge of being a full-time missionary in the Colorado Denver North mission from 2013-2015. Now I help get missionary work done back at home in Georgia! I love the peace the gospel brings and love sharing it with others. I try hard to participate in service opportunities where available and strive the represent the Savior to the best of my limited ability. Why? Because that's just what feels right.