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Hi I'm Tim Russon

I work as a commercial plumber, I enjoy spending time outdoors, creating digital media, listening to good music, and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am 21 years old, and graduated high school in 2012. I love digital media, particularly digital video production. I have been interested since I was 12 and still love it. When I was young, being able to re-live a moment with video blew my mind. I still love it. It's good to have something you love doing. I love doing service. I've been able to clean up road ways, help tear down walls and remodel homes, tear out stumps, feed the hungry, mow yards, paint, burn, chop, and work with my hands for others. It helps me feel like I make a difference in this world, if even just a little bit. I also like to be there for a friend in time of need, if it means just listening, or sharing the gospel with them. I work with a commercial plumber for the summer. I enjoy the time I have to work with my hands. It's hard work though. I get pretty wiped out, especially with unexpected leaks and deadlines, but it's fun. I used to work as a video game tester (which is much more fun than working at a call center). Going to work in jeans and a T-shirt in a laid back environment was cool. So that's me. I like to look for the joy in life. There is no logical reason to be angry as far as I can tell, not to say I never do though. I just love good music, concerts, time with friends, and memories with my family. The more I learn reach out and the more I learn about the gospel, the happier I am.

Why I am a Mormon

I am Mormon because this is where I find truth. This is where I find happiness. This is where I have had my most spiritual experiences. I have seen the restored gospel change lives. I look at it more as fully believing and following Christ than believing in "Mormonism". Through, study, prayer, and real life application, I have come to find for myself that this church is true. That is is the restored church on Earth and the Kingdom of God. I reach out to God and seek to do His will, and I believe without a doubt that this is where He wants and needs me. And I know this is where He wants all of His children to be. I'm not perfect, and none of us are, but here, we find the restored truths, principles, and ordinances to help us towards salvation. I am Tim Russon. I seek with all my heart to be devoted to God, to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. And I'm a Mormon; a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

How I live my faith

I believe in action. It is important to study and learn about the gospel, but I think the real meat of the gospel comes from application. A practice I like to do is ask myself and ask God, what it is that I can do each and every day to do the most good; to make a difference in the world, or even one person. When I do this, I find ideas come to mind. I think of people who are sick and I'll try and visit. I think of someone who has done a lot for me and I'll write them a card. I think of people who may be going through a hard time and I'll offer my support. I find that with that mindset, I am prompted throughout the day with even more things I can do to make a difference. I like this mindset because It makes each day an exiting opportunity to be better and serve others. And when you serve others, you don't have as much time to worry about yourself. I also do believe in sharing the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. It has blessed my life so much, and I want everyone to have those same blessings. I have loved everyone I share the gospel with, whether or not they accept it. Regardless of belief, I still try to be a friend, and a genuine one at that. I believe in action, I believe in love, I believe in Jesus Christ, and I know that He changes lives. I know His Gospel has been restored in it's fullness, I believe the Book of Mormon is the Word of God. I believe in our living prophet, Thomas S. Monson, and I believe in making these things made known by my words and my acts.

Are Mormons Christians?

Tim Russon
Mormons are absolutely Christians. Jesus Christ is our Leader King and Savior. He is the only perfect man to ever walk upon this earth, and is our perfect example. We rely on his atoning sacrifice to return to live with our Heavenly Father once more. He an absolutely fundamental figure in our church, and the Book of Mormons is just another testament of Christ in addition to the Holy Bible. Show more Show less