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Hi I'm Dezie VanDyke

I'm Dezie Van Dyke, I am a massage therapist and health enthusiast. I am a Mormon

About Me

I am a university graduate from a Parks and Recreation program. I enjoy Rock Climbing, Hiking, Singing and traveling. I have taken many road trips spontaneously with friends to see places and visit friends and family . My travels have taken me to Egypt and Israel, Switzerland, England, Sweden and Brasil to name a few of the places I have visited. I love to learn from other cultures and people. The best part of traveling is the lessons I learn from my travels about my need to rely on my Heavenly Father and trust him. The outdoor activities I do teach me about who I am and why I am here on earth. I am so thankful to be able to apply the things I am taught at church to the recreational activities I participate in. Like the time my rappelling rope was caught in a rock and my friend and I had 300 ft left to rappel. We needed help, so I prayed and inspiration on what to do was given to me. We combined our knowledge with the power of prayer and answers came. The ropes were our safety line to the ground. Just like prayer was and is our safety line to reach heaven.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into an LDS family. My parents taught us the Gospel and attended church faithfully. As every person will come to a place where they must choose what they really believe, I am no different. The situation in my family became difficult as my mother struggle to be healthy after a car accident. Then my father was diagnosed with Cancer. Though I was young I felt the need to know why a God who loved us, as our church teaches that he does, would allow such health issues to happen to good people. Was my church teaching the truth? Does God love us? I took this question to the Lord. I prayed often. I read the BIble and the Book of Mormon as all my church leaders said that the scriptures will give us answers. Over a number of years I began to realize that I had my answer. The Lord does love me and my parents. The prophets are good people yet they suffered too. They had to stand up for what they believed and sometimes the Lord blessed them with miracles. Other times the Lord did not bless them with a miracle. The beauty of life is that God loves us enough to let us learn. He knows us individually. He lets the suffering, the struggles and difficulties of life teach us. He is merciful in his respect for our agency. He lets us choose and sometimes our choices hurt others, just as other people can hurt us. He loves me and those who may hurt me. His plan once I saw it clearly from the scriptures allows all of us to learn how to be like him, loving and merciful. This is why I am a member of this church. I want to be like Him, that is worth the suffering. Without the pain and difficulties I would not have sought Him in prayer and in the scriptures. Life's hardships have helped me see how much I need The Lord. The doctrines of this church have helped me have a clear view of who God is, what he expects of me and why I am here on earth. My dad has since passed away, my mom is still alive. I know this church is true and God loves me and my parents.

How I live my faith

I served a mission for the LDS Church for a year and a half. The language I learn and the people I met have taught me that the Lord loves all of us. He doesn't always take away our pains, illness or sorrows. He knows that this life is to teach us. He offers forgiveness, a new perspective, friends and love and comfort through the hard lessons of life, if we are willing to let him in. I have seen this on my mission as well as in visiting members of my church. I have walked with friends and family as we faced illness, death, education, job loss, and conquering fears. The Lord had often placed tender mercies of comfort and encouragement. I am so grateful for the service to others that our church asks us to give. When I serve it has helped me to look outside of my own worries and do something worth while. Eventually my own worries work out. Teaching the scouts who are eight has taught me to appreciate their mothers and fathers. It has helped me see that I can be working now to prepare myself to be the kind of parent that is involved like the parents of my scouts are involved. Organizing activities for young adults of my own age has helped me to see life from other peoples perspectives. I have planned sports that I have never played until I had to plan them. I have cleaned up yards for complete strangers, visited friends and strangers in the hospital, made meals for neighbors and learned skills I never knew I could learn. All this because I have been asked by the church to serve. In the end I was the one who was given the help I needed to love life.