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Hi I'm Ryan

I'm a proud Yorkshireman, lucky Husband, immature Father, budding Musician and Pro Wrestling fan!

About Me

I've been married to a women who know's all my faults and failings, yet sticks with me because we fell in love in 2006 and it's been uphill since, been blessed with two children, who I am totally fascinated with and love all of them more everyday. These responsibility's mean I'm currently in training to be a Plumbing and Gas Engineer having spent the last 6 years in the Insulation Business. In my spare time I write and record my own music, currently providing Theme tunes and background music for several online podcast's. I love Comedy, TV and Movies (my wife think's I watch too much) and WWE Wrestling, going on 22 years now...maybe i should grow up but where's the fun in that?! I believe a lot of my friends and family describe me as being a bit weird and crazy, but I like that, I appreciate uniqueness, individuality and thinking outside the box especially when approaching life's problems.

Why I am a Mormon

To me, the Gospel is about self-improvement. Jesus lived the perfect life and was the perfect example and I try to imagine how he would resolve today's issues & react to modern dilemma's and then I realise that attitudes and problems weren't that different in his day, just the surroundings and situations. Repentance has become such a dirty word nowadays, to me it means Improvement, it means admitting your mistakes and resolving to become better and not do them again and asking for help from the Man who has been there and felt your pain, it mean's swallowing your pride, it mean's changing lifestyles but the rewards, the satisfaction comes quickly I originally started attending church around 12 years old, my mum was already a Mormon, my dad wasn't, we had come to church a few times, attending primary but not consistently. I began to worry about death around this time and my mum suggested I attend church with her and to cut a long story short, I kept coming. I didn't receive any sudden answers, I just felt it was the right place to be, so I stayed. I must have been there for months, maybe years before the teachings of the Restoration, Joseph Smith and even Fasting made any sense to me! I just knew I had to be there, the intellectual stuff came later (and continues to come), the Spirit was there first! After eventually receiving permission from my dad to be baptised at 15, growing in the church and eventually serving a Mission, I had experiences that built my testimony of the Saviour and the great work his church does but only when people let it in their hearts. We, as Mormons, aren't perfect, far far from it, we get angry, frustrated, disgruntled, argue, can be cynical and annoyed, say the wrong thing and form opinions we shouldn't but we know this is just part of life and serving the Saviour and his Atonement, repenting of these mistakes, trying not to repeat them, makes us a little better everyday.

How I live my faith

In my local Ward I've been asked to serve the men who are 18 years and over, we call this the Elder's Quorum. These men range from being active Priesthood holders to pretty much, never coming out to church at all, but I am glad to have this challenge and honestly know that I've been guided in knowing what to do and say with several of these men, many of whom i can call my friends because of our interactions. When I'm at work, I try to be light hearted and entertaining, I feel that life can be so serious and depressing that I have to lighten the mood and I know this gives off the wrong impression and sometimes offend (I'm working on that!), even to the point where people are surprised that I'm religious! But I honestly feel that my positive, humorous approach is a result of the Gospel. I know there is a better way I try to write songs in the vein of the Gospel, without being too cheesy, songs that are optimistic and searching for a way to improve and work at problems, being defiant against adversity. I suppose that's why I love The Blues. People with no hope, finding hope in music! I've served as a Full-Time Missionary in North London for 2 years, a Financial Clerk, a secretary to the Bishop, A Young Single Adult representative and worked with the 11-18 yr old's youth of the church several times (I've definitely had the most fun with these lad's and some great spiritual moments too) I also serve as a Home Teacher and do my best to visit some families in my area, having a friendly chat, sharing a Gospel message and proving service (because i'm pretty good at DIY, it's usually painting, shelves and sometimes moving house!) None of this is possible without the support of my wife, she encourages me to do the best I can in all the area's the Lord wants me to work, even when I don't want to!