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Hi I'm Richard

I am from Germany but I work in London and study psychology part time. Family is most important to me. I'm a mormon.

About Me

I moved to the UK to study here, but as the UK is a very expensive place, I decided to switch to a part time and online study course in psychology and to work full time. My Job deals with occupational health and safety. Even though my family is spread around the world, I feel very close ot each member of my family and am grateful for the ties we have that support us through life. Nothing else can give the same sense of security and so much uplift to me than the memories I had from the past and the hopes I have for the future becasue of my family. I love reading and writing Poetry, I enjoy playing Volleyball and basketball and being outside, but I also enjoy watching good movies and playing the piano. I have many interests, and if it is something I can combine with spending time with the people I care about the most, I enjoy it even more. No matter what happens in the world I try to be optimistic. Even if it is sometimes not easy. But whatever happened on a large international scale or on small personal scale in my life or the lives of close friends and family, I am again and again amazed of the good I can see everywhere and the many things we can still find that can make us happy when we try.

Why I am a Mormon

I am a mormon for many reasons. first, of course I was raised by great parents, who taught me all they know.This was a wonderful start for my life, and I had as happy childhood as anyone could have or hope. At critical moments in my life however, when any child or youth begins to question their parents and their beliefs as well as in times when I needed help that no mortal could give, I had my own very personal and very sacred experiences with God, I simply know he hears and answers prayers. The teachings of the church, wether it is the concept of eternal families, or the belief that we have true prophets and apostles today, or understanding my purpose in life,... there is too much to mention in the teachings that mean a lot to me and would stand out as a reason of why I belief in this church and am glad to be a mormon, but the ultimate reason is because I asked God myself. and I know I am no better than anybody else, and just a regular guy, yet God answered my prayers. And confirmed his hand in the Work of this church and in my life, to me privately. I know that if he would do that to me he would do that to anybody that is sincerely asking. I'm a mormon because I believe 100 % in its truth, and have seen from experience that each principle if applied and in correct context, is good and blesses lives and stregthens families. I'm a mormon because It is a hopeful, uplifting and family centered way of life. I'm a mormon, becasue I believe in a God that actively takes care of his children and still speaks to us today. From every angle, I love it and am proud of it, that I'm a mormon.

How I live my faith

I go to church every week, not only once for worship but also enjoy the many opportunties to participate in an active community of latter day saints in which I can reach out and serve and feel uplifted in turn by the examples and kind act of others that mostly share my vision and outlook on life and its purpose. I sometimes play the piano in our congregation, and love working with the Youth. As a volunteer in the church I have an assignment that gets me to travel to different congregations sometimes and makes me meet many wonderful people that live in the greater area of where I live, and I am amazed at the fatih and goodness and stregth these people have in dealing with their live's unique challenges, always smiling somehow and giving me a great boost. On a daily basis I feel my faith is a great support to my life. I love reading the Scriptures. Especially the Book of Mormon and the Bible. These teach so clearly of Christ's purpose and how our lives can be improved. to strengthen our relationship with God and in our families. My Family was very centered on the gospel of Jesus Christ and so I learned to pray daily and to read daily. I cannot count how often there were situations in my daily life, when I was better prepared and felt strengthened or more hopeful becasue of what I read in the morning. In the hardest times of my life I felt never alone, which I belive is a direct result of my efforts to pray to God not only when I am in need but because for me, God is also my Heavenly Father and I enjoy the time I can spend with him, i meaningful prayer and build my relationship with him. as t was for my family when I grew up, my Faith is a way of life for me and not justa sunday tradition. Our faith has given my family a vision to work towards together and made it a stronger unit despite any challenges we faced, and it made each person grow closer to each other as each strived to be closer to God.