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Hi I'm Brigham Richins

I'm a Learner. I'm a Chooser. I'm Independent! I'm Faithful! I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I am from a family of 8, me being the 5th of 6 kids! I learned a lot from them, such as how to have fun, to forgive and be patient with everything around me! I grew up being around Ranching and Contract Labor, where I learned some good ethics of Hard work! I often played games with friends and family, with my favorite games being Risk, Heroscape, and Trading Card Games! I grew up mostly in a small ranching/farming community in New Mexico! It was a wonderful childhood where I learned to follow the Principles taught in the gospel where my parents sacrificed much for me and my family! I was home schooled the last 3 years before I moved to Arizona to do College! It was a wonderful experience for me as I learned how to be independent and be accountable in life! After spending a year at college, I left for a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! My life has been good, and whenever something bad has come up, my motto is whatever doesn't kill you only makes you stronger!

Why I am a Mormon

Life is an interesting thing! I was raised in the church by a wonderful family! There I learned many of the principles of the gospel! I learned the value of reading the Scriptures, Praying daily, and many other wonderful principles! However, by the time I was in college, I would say that my faith turned into a belief! I went to Sacrament meetings, and was not being a bad person! But I was not doing any Good! I was just there one would say! I did however have wonderful friends and cousins though that dragged me to a fireside one night (A.K.A. Devotional) where an apostle, Jeffry R. Holland, spoke about what it means to live our faith! It was then when I realized that I needed more then just got to an Hour of church! I needed to learn for sure what I needed to do to follow Christ more firmly! I spent a short while struggling with the feelings I had, the length of time I do not remember whether it was an hour, or a week! But what is important is that I made a decision to go to the Lord for knowledge! I went to an empty cotton field, and there prayed and pondered on What it is I should do! After about an hour of the most sincere praying and pondering I had done in my Life up to that point, I had truth opened up to me! I knew I needed to Stay in the Church, as it was Christ's church! It meant that I needed to Act. I needed to do more then not be bad! I needed to do Good! It was this point where I would say I became 'converted' to the Gospel! I would probably be willing to say that I knew it was true before, but I did not understand. Ever since then, I have striven with all my heart to follow the Lord! He know me! He knows every single person here on the earth, and he calls to us all! He cares about those in despair, those who are in the darkest abyss, he cares for everyone! He has made it possible to live again, to return to live with God, and that families can be together forever! My life is so much better now that I am Acting! Now that I'm striving to do as Christ did!

How I live my faith

Living my Faith is something more then a weekly devotional, but a way that I live! I know that being a member of the Church, at baptism, I take upon myself the name of Christ, as I know that it is only through him that redemption comes. As I go about in my daily life, I strive to keep my behavior in a way consistent to the Savior. However, because I'm human, I make mistakes. I often need to repent, turning to the Lord for strength to overcome my problems! This often includes making a weekly renewal of covenants each Sunday when I partake of the sacrament. In part of the renewing of my covenants, I receive the promise that the Holy Ghost, also known as the comforter, to be with me! He guides and directs me through my life, and even helps warn me of dangers, physically, but even more spiritually! To learn more about keeping my life in harmony with the Savior, I study the scriptures and pray for guidance, direction, and understanding! Attending church is also crucial, as we learn from others the wisdom that they have received throughout their lives! Sometimes, living what I believe requires making hard choices, such as keeping a high standard of conduct, which is often ridiculed by the world! However, I have gained greater peace and satisfaction by following the path that Christ has set! Especially as I look back, I am grateful for the many decisions I have made that got me to where I am now! I am now currently serving a Mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints! It brings me great joy and comfort to follow the Savior and to extend the same invitation he has given through out time: Come Follow Me! Those who take up the invitation and learn what we do often receive the same peace that I receive! That peace is the Holy Ghost whispering in our minds that what we are doing is right, Following Jesus Christ!