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Hi I'm Thuan T Stevens

I'm a pioneer, a daughter, wife, mother, psychologist, teacher, photographer, soprano vocalist and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

When I was 13 and started becoming interested in religion and learning more about my Creator, my thought was to seek out the religion that resembles the one Christ himself started when he was on the earth. What an amazing answer to a prayer that was the day I met up with my Catholic friends and going home to the LDS missionaries who brought to my family the complete and restored gospel of Jesus Christ. Because of that event, I am now married to a wonderful Mormon man with great standards and values that would be extremely hard to find out there in the world. I was given a scholarship and the opportunity at a church own University for an education that will help me to share my knowledge of secular learning combined with my own values that I learned through the scriptures to make a difference. With a master's degree I hope to teach some day, starting with a small teaching job through my preschool that I own and operate. I use my voice to teach music at a community center, there also sharing beautiful values through the songs I teach to the adults and children. I love the family I've been given to raise and the family I belong to. My siblings joined the church with me and slowly through our examples my parents have decided to join also. We were all sealed for time and all eternity in a beautiful LDS temple 13 years after the missionaries found us. What a blessing that was and what incredible blessings we've received because of our decision to find God and learn of Him.

Why I am a Mormon

When my dad saw the missionaries he was very impressed because they spoke our language but for my sisters and I, the book they brought was even more interesting. This book that their church testifies to be another Testament of Jesus Christ was just what I needed to learn more about Christ. The book was written by great men who were prophets of God from a different continent than that of the Bible. Up until this point I did not know there were so many different religions. I knew there were different churches but I thought they taught the same things. I asked the Mormon missionaries where they got the name Mormon from and they explained that it's just a name to identify themselves. It is named after that of the last prophet of the Book of Mormon but that the full name of the church is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The name caught my eyes "the Church of Jesus Christ" in the latter days, our days. This must be his church!! They taught me about my pre-mortal existence and that I lived with God before coming to earth and that he was my Father and that Jesus was my brother who died for me and my sins. They taught me that Heavenly Father is a loving father and His Son Jesus Christ is my Redeemer and that through him I can repent and be baptized and live with God in spirit in this life and by His side in the next. The idea of living with God in the next life and having His Spirit with me in this life seems so right. The doctrine makes so much sense to me. It was as if the puzzle had been solved and everything made perfect sense. As I learned about the doctrine and the church more and more each time we met with the missionaries, I began to gain my own testimony of the doctrines and teachings through the Holy Ghost, a special member of the Godhead that our loving Heavenly Father gives us to communicate with Him as we pray. How could I not take advantage of these blessings? How could I not share this great news to everyone around me?

How I live my faith

As I study both history and testimonies of prophets both old and in our days, I come to understand that even though the history of the church isn't perfect nor its people perfect, the doctrines and establishment of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ was indeed brought back for the happiness of mankind. We need this restored gospel, it's our road map to find our purpose and existence. It is there to help pick us up when we fall and guide us back on the right track - to find God, our father and prove to Him our faithfulness even in life's most difficult roads. I'm grateful for the missionaries who took courage and sacrificed two years of their life to bring the gospel to my family. I live my faith each day through my actions, my kindness to families, friends, and neighbors. When life gets hard, I turn to the scriptures and use it as my road map and I use it with faith in every footstep. Through living the gospel I find that it is my true way to happiness, a pearl of great price for my salvation. When you're a Mormon, it is not just about knowing of Christ, it's about being like Him.