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Hi I'm Elizabeth

I'm from a small farming town. I'm a writer and a college student. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I am a college student studying English and Creative Writing. I've loved creating stories since the time I was really young. My first "book" was a little hand-written, hand-illustrated, and hand-stapled story about a happy Jack-O-Lantern. I was young enough I still wrote a good number of my letters backwards and the dots over my eyes could double as drawings of lopsided eggs. My mother--in all of her gently biased love--told me it was brilliant, and my writing career began. My greatest career goal is to become a published author and a loving mother.

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into an LDS family. My parents are divorced and my mom raised me--she has been an active Mormon all her life. But while that has a heavy impact on personal religion, the key word is "personal" and it is still a choice everyone has to make for themselves at a point. When I was about twelve years old, I fell victim to a terrible choice made by someone I loved. While suffering the effects of that, there came a moment when I was so terrified and so lost that I locked myself in the bathroom, backed into the corner, and just sobbed. I could see no light in my future and could feel no hope for a change in circumstance. There was no one else in the house and no one I could turn to, and what I wanted more than anything was just to be held by my mom. Instead, I found myself crying out for God, because my mom and my church leaders had always told me He would be there when no one else could be. I was crying so hard, I don't think any of the words I was attempting to form managed to make it out coherantly, but Heavenly Father understood what I was trying to say, and He answered. I didn't hear any words from Him either, but suddenly I felt someone kneeling with me and hugging me tightly. In that single moment, I learned three things that changed my life forever--that God is real, that He answers prayers, and that He loves me. I am a Mormon because the doctrines of this church allign with what I have gained a personal knowledge of. This church proclaims that God is real and that His miracles are alive today. He is and they are. This church proclaims that we can all have a personal relationship with God through non-scripted, heartfelt prayer and that He will give individual answers. We can and He does. This church proclaims that we are all children of a loving Heavenly Father who knows us individually and loves us beyond comprehension. We are and He does.

How I live my faith

Living faithfully is a day-to-day process. I try to serve people where I can, improve my knowledge through study, and make life decisions in accordance with God's commandments and the guidance of the Spirit.

What are some things that tell you there is a God?

To me, the evidence of God is found in His daily tender mercies. When I have had the worst day possible at work, when everything goes wrong from mistakes to accidents to grumpy customers to papercuts, and then I get a single text from a friend saying, "Just letting you know I love you!" or I don't hit a single red light between work and my wonderful bed waiting at home. When I study my hardest for a school test yet still manage to fail, and then on my walk home it begins to lightly rain (which is my favorite weather to walk in). When my iPod is on random and I get three magic songs in a row that lift my entire day. When I have an impossible amount on my to-do list and when I try my best, somehow time seems to slow down to allow me to finish everything and still be ready in time for a night with friends that I desperately needed. These things that most people call coincidences are tender mercies from a God who loves us and wants us to be happy, even in rocky times. Show more Show less

What is being a Mormon like?

Being a Mormon is fantastic! I'll say more, but that's my best summary. One of my favorite things about being Mormon is the emphasis placed on people. I know that everyone is a child of God, and that he loves each of us, and I am so proud to belong to a church that promotes the importance of individual people. We send out missionaries to every country we can because we want to give every person the opportunity and choice of hearing the gospel. We perform service as individual people, as ward groups, and as a church because we believe in helping anyone and everyone who needs it. In some of my roughest times, I have found just the support I needed from members of the church--members who often jumped to offer before I could even ask! Show more Show less