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Hi I'm Kwonhee, Bae

Serving in Canada Vancouver. I'm form South Korea. I love rainy day with piano music with hot chocolate. :0

About Me

Um,, This session makes me feel like the first time to introduce myself at social group. I have 5 younger brother and sisters. I always lost my food to my siblings. I am 19 years young boy and I love to do things that make people happy. I love stay under the shade of tree and meditate and I like to sing even though I'm not very good. During Middle school, I used to play Korean Traditional Instrument - 'KayaKum' and, High school, I was a 'Hot Air Balloon Pilot' with my national flag. My favorite phrase is " Do it, Do achieve it." Now, I am serving in Canada Vancouver as a full - timed missionary till 2014. If you saw me some small Asian Mormon missionary, Please say to me "Hello!" 자기소개 하는 시간은 항상 떨리기 마련인가 봅니다. 5남매중 첫째이고, 중학교땐 가야금을 탔고, 고등학교땐 열기구를 타고 하늘을 날았습니다. 좌우명은 '하면 된다' 정도 일까요 하하 :) 지금은 캐나다 벤쿠버에서 전임선교사로써 봉사하고 있습니다. 혹시 길에서 저를 보신다면, "안녕하세요!" 라고 말해주세요.

Why I am a Mormon

The summary could be "I know that Heavenly father lives and I recognize teachings from the church are true." When I was young, I recognize the Creator is real but entered to later teenage I struggled with purpose of my life. Even though, I was going to church every Sunday for My parents but I didn't feel anything special form that moment. I was trying to get answer without striving. Accidentally, I started read the Book of Mormon. But I tried hard and then, you know, time helps us to solve problems. I felt my heart changed, eventually, I recognized what purpose is as a child of God. I recognized what I wanted. Though this result, Now, I am sharing this wonderful messages from our Heavenly Father as a full - timed missionary in Canada Vancouver till 2014. This Gospel always helps me to find the way. "하나님께서 살아계시고 경전, 몰몬경이 참되고 교회에서 가르치는 것이 참되다는 것을 스스로 깨달았습니까요. 그래서 저는 몰몬 입니다." 라고 요점을 줄일수 있겠네요. 하하 :)

How I live my faith

I live my faith by studying scripture everyday because it tells us how we can improve in this life. I love when I can apply the stories of many prophets and can relate it to my life. I know from the scriptures how our Father in Heaven wants us to be and I study the scriptures daily to know his will for me. From this I am living my faith with my daily actions that I know will make my Father in Heaven pleased. I feel when I study scripture it's like a feast. It is so beneficial to our lives while we are here on earth. Reading the words of God gives us understanding and feeds our hungering souls. It gives us joy and peace in a always changing world. "When we want to talk to God we pray, but when we want to hear from him we read his word." The scriptures are a guide for us from our loving Heavenly Father. We can always study, ponder and pray asking for help with any questions that we have. He will always answer them! This is his promise! 저는 경전을 매일 읽고 있습니다. 왜냐하면, 경전에는 우리가 어떻게 더욱 발전할수 있는지, 이야기 해줍니다. 많은 선지자들의 이야기가 제 인생에도 적용되는 것을 볼때, 하나님께서 저에게 무엇을 더 원하시는지 알수 있기 때문에 오늘도, 내일도 경전을 공부하고 있습니다. 하나님의 말씀, 즉, 경전에 나오는 말씀들을 흡족히 취하는 것은 무엇보다 즐겁습니다. 그 말씀은 우리 삶에 유익을 가져다 줍니다. 그러므로 그것을 상고할때 이는 이것이 사람의 영혼을 심히 부풀게 합니다. 그리고 그분의 말씀은 저희들의 이해력을 밝혀 주기 시작하고, 기쁨을 주기 시작합니다. 하나님께서는 우리에게 이 경전을 주어 우리가 하나님 곁에 돌아가기위해 길잡이가 되게 하셨습니다. 우리가 경전을 읽고, 공부하고, 찾는 가운데 성신(성령)께서 함께하고 도음을 주시도록 간구한다면, 우리는 하나님에 대한, 우리의 목적에 대한 지식과 이해, 행복이라는 축복을 받을 수 있습니다.