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Hi I'm Greyson

I grew up in the salt lake valley. I found the truth for myself. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I have grown up in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I enjoyed the Korean martial art of Hap-Ki-Do for some time. I love to sing and have sung with my school choir. I enjoy to act and have participated in musicals and plays. Soccer is my favorite sport, I also enjoy watching rugby and Australian rules football. I do enjoy playing volleyball and badminton as well. Reading is a great pass time, and I do enjoy playing many sorts of video games, when I had the Time. I am serving a full time mission in Wisconsin Milwaukee.

Why I am a Mormon

This is the only thing that makes total sense in life. Reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it's truthfulness provides so much comfort to it's divine words. It is the most true book I have ever read. It is not a replacement to the Holy Bible, but the Book of Mormon completes the Bible and is another testament of Jesus Christ. The only way I found out this truth is because I prayed to God, the one person who knows all things.

How I live my faith

My calling in the church right now is a missionary in Wisconsin Milwaukee. I pray each morning and night, and read my scriptures. As a holder of the priesthood I am to look over the church and serve those who live around me. I share what I know to be true and I am always trying to learn more

Why is authority to perform a baptism important?

I always think of it as this. Jesus Christ was baptized by John the Baptist. We know that their were many Priests and Synagogues in the Holy Land, but Jesus looked specifically for John, because he was given that authority, to prepare the way of the Lord. Imagine driving down the Freeway at 89 miles per hour and the speed limit is 65. Behind you is an Ice cream truck, It knows you are speeding, so it turns on the annoying music, it speeds up next to you and the driver motions for you to pull over. What do you do, He can't do anything to you, he hasn't got the authority to give you a ticket, he can't arrest you (maybe citizens). But imagine if a police officer is behind you, his sirens blare, the lights flash, you know he has that proper authority. so you pull over. This is why authority is so important. Show more Show less

Who wrote the Book of Mormon?

The Book of Mormon is really cool, because it was written by prophets. People like Moses or Abraham, who were called of God, wrote the revelation that they received. In the beginning of this book is a man named Lehi, who lived at the time of Jeremiah. Lehi heard many prophets talk about the destruction of Jerusalem and prayed for his people. There God called him to leave with a small group of people. They traveled eventually to the Americas, And many prophets wrote many doctrines of Christ. Eventually after passing the records of these people, a young man named Mormon received these records and he compiled hundreds of years of history into a smaller doctrinally packed book. Mormon was one of the last prophets of the civilization Lehi brought. Everything in the Book of Mormon is true. It testifies of our Savior Jesus Christ. It will truly help all men draw closer to Christ. I can testify so deeply that The Book of Mormon is true, but I invite you to find out for yourself, by asking God after you have read this great book. Show more Show less