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Hi I'm Devon

I am half Maori. I am a college student, captain of my volleyball team, and a mormon.

About Me

I am the 3rd of 4 children, the only boy among three sisters. I am currently attending high school and college in which I will graduate from both at the same time. I love to learn and plan on going on to medical school where I will gain the education and training that I need to become a Cardiologist. I love to play sports, but my favorite is definitely volleyball. I am currently a volunteer at an animal shelter where I spend time playing with the dogs. I also love serving people and have been a volunteer at a hospital and an elementary school as well. I look forward to serving a mission and eventually to start a family.

Why I am a Mormon

Because I have never been happier. While I have grown up a member of this church, I have not always lived as such. It was during those dark months/years that my life was, just, SO confusing! I did not understand anything about life, and I was getting more and more frustrated with myself and with others. I have never felt so utterly......lost. It was when I decided that I could not do this on my own, and I decided to start living my life the way God wanted me to that I discovered exactly who I am and why this church is true. I am so grateful for my family, for this church, but most of all to Jesus Christ. When I convinced myself that I was beyond the point of any sort of help, Christ came back for me, and then I realized.....He was there with me the whole time. Because He paid for the many mistakes that I have made, because He never abandoned me, I will do everything that I can to follow His will. But the most ironic part is, although I am giving up the desires and wants of the world, I have never been happier and I have never been more satisfied. I know this church is Christ's, and I know this because this person I am today is beyond the wildest dreams of the person I was before. Christ changed me, and I will always serve Him.

How I live my faith

I try to live my faith everyday by doing simple things like prayer, reading through some scriptures, spending time with my family, and looking for opportunities to serve others. I have come to understand that living my faith basically breaks down to living as Christ would: He is the ultimate example. It is from His example that I have learned that I am the happiest when I put myself, my prejudices, my wants behind me and instead love and serve others. For the next two years, I will be serving a Full Time Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I know this is what God wants for me, and even though I have only been on my mission for a short time, I have seen the blessings in my life for doing so. Giving up two years of my life is not easy, when I think from a "natural" perspective. However, when I think about Christ, and ALL the things he has done for me, I do not struggle with the decision at all: Christ suffered because I make mistakes, of course I can give him two small years of my life.

Mormons believe Jesus Christ is their Savior. Why do we need a Savior?

Everyone makes mistakes, I sure know I have. However, Jesus Christ came to Earth and He paid for every one of those mistakes for every person who lives, who ever lived, and whoever will live. Because He was perfect, He was the only who was capable of atoning for our sins. He has made it known unto us that we can return to our Heavenly Father, because Christ made up for our mistakes. However, it is not a free ride. We need to prove ourselves to Christ by living obediently to the commandments that He gives to us. One of which is Repentance. Repentance is recognizing that you have done wrong, confessing it to God and those who were harmed because of it, asking forgiveness of God and those who were harmed, repairing whatever damage may have been done, forsaking the sins, and then striving to live righteous lives. Show more Show less