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Hi I'm April

I'm a wife and mother, and in our home we live with Cystic Fibrosis and disabilities

About Me

I'm wife to Jonathan, and mum to Lauren. Lauren was born with Cystic Fibrosis and also a separate genetic condition leaving her with Global Developmental delays. Life can be challenging, but I love a challenge! In my spare time I am a book keeper working for myself, primarily from home. I love to keep active by working out and playing sports, especially with my husband and brothers, we love volleyball. I'm from a big family, one of 6 siblings, and I love to see all of them and their families as much as possible, we're a crazy and unique family but very close. I'm a pretty decent cook, so i'm told! I love to catch up with friends and try to keep an active social life alongside my other responsibilities, it keeps me sane :-)

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This isn't the reason I still go to church though. I watched my mum, a single mum for most of my life, go through some horrendous challenges throughout my childhood and youth. I watched closely as she stayed positive and happy and faithful to what she believed. It was intriguing for me, as others with much less on their plate seemed to suffer much more with depression and unhappiness. When I was about 14 I decided I was going to pray, to a God that I had felt was real and believed he listened to our prayers. I asked if the church I went to was true, because if it wasn't I wasn't going to keep going. Afterall, you can be a good person without church, I knew that. When I was praying, I felt the most comforting, warm, peaceful feeling. My mind became very clear and my answer was, you already know it is. And, I did. I'd witnessed the Gospel and the belief in the Gospel aid my mum, a single mum of 6, to cope with all of life's wonderful tapestry of heart ache, joy and suffering in a way that couldn't just be a human response to situations. I did know it was true, from feelings of the spirit when mum had taught us about Jesus Christ and his Atonement, I knew he was real and it was true. I knew it was true from feeling good about living the way we were taught at home and in youth classes. I was grateful for the answer I got though, because it taught me to trust my own feelings and be more sure of myself. I decided then that I would go to church and learn and try my best to live the way the Gospel of Jesus Christ taught me to. I've always known that we are here on earth as a small part of our eternal existence. It's no accident. We lived with God before, and our goal is to live with him again. We can do this as family units. The greatest joy I know, is that of my family. I want to live with them eternally. I know I can and that is my goal.

How I live my faith

Our family attend church weekly. I have in the past taught classes on Sundays & during the week to different age groups. Classes based on principles of our Gospel and Doctrine we believe in. In church we're asked to visit others in our congregation in their homes monthly, teach them a little lesson and help generally with whatever they might need at the time. Being a member of our church brings a responsibility to be aware of others and their needs, not just those of our faith. I try to live these principles before I preach them. Living my faith on a daily basis really starts at home, I teach my child about Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father and try to have a home where the Holy Ghost can bring peace into our lives and help guide us on a daily basis.

Can a husband and wife be together forever? Do Mormons believe that families will live together in heaven?

Families can be united for time and all eternity. This begins with a husband and wife, usually on their wedding day, attending a ceremony in the temple and being sealed together. From my own experience it is a wonderful promise to have at the beginning of a marriage that if we live the gospel of Jesus Christ to the very best of our ability then we can live united as a family throughout the eternities. We have to go through death as part of our earthly state, we have to learn what pain feels like, but our promise from a loving Heavenly Father is that we will feel much more joy when we are reunited as eternal families. Knowing this is our promise puts some of the earthly things that I don't participate in, into perspective. Not drinking alcohol, or smoking, or drinking tea and coffee, keeping the law of chastity; 'missing out' on these things becomes insignificant. I would rather give those things up and have the blessings promised to me than jeopardise the possibility of being surrounded by those I love the most for all of eternity. I believe with all my heart that families, husband and wife, and children, can and will be together forever if we keep the commandments and live the gospel daily in our lives. What a beautiful promise, making myself and my husband try harder when things get tough, because we know we are working on an 'eternal marriage'. Something I want more than anything. Show more Show less