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Hi I'm Alice

I'm 25 year old, a student nurse and I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm currently studying to be a nurse... I love it! The satisfaction that you get from helping someone through some of the hardness and often most painful experiences is amazing. That moment when a patient/relative thanks you for making that experience just that little bit better... that is what this life is about- It's about making a difference! I come from a family of 9 children and now have 13 nieces and nephews! It gets pretty crazy and loud at family get togethers and Christmas! But I wouldn't change it! My family isn't perfect, it's you typical "modern family"... My parents divorced when I was younger but now they're both happily remarried- so now I have 2 sets of parents! :D I have friends who are Mormon, friends who are gay, friends who aren't members but I love them all, they're all so different! I love music! I play the drums and piano- but I pretty much suck at them both! :P I love going to see bands play, and love that feeling you get when you listen to an awesome song- especially if you can sing a long to it! I love shopping... I probably own a few too many pairs of shoes. Just recently I've regained my love of swimming. When your swimming, you're in the zone- nothing else matters!

Why I am a Mormon

After I came back to the gospel I was at this big convention (with 100s of 18-30yr old Mormons), walking to the chip shop with my friends (in my pjs)... We were laughing and joking, on the other side of the street was this club with a fight and loads of drunk people spilling out... I looked over and realised that I was far happier on my side of the street... In my pjs- looking like a bit of a geek!!! Being a Mormon isn't easy... sometimes people think you're a bit weird! Being young and a Mormon is definitely not easy! But I love it! I know that there is a living Heavenly Father (God) who loves us all! We are literally his children... That knowledge has gotten me through so much! He sent his son, Jesus Christ to die for us... Jesus Christ didn't just die on the cross, he felt every pain that we have ever and will ever experience! These 2 things mean that I am never alone! I know the idea that a young boy of 14 seeing Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in a woods in America seems a bit strange.... but what if it is true? If it is true then Joseph Smith is a prophet of God. He went through so much to stand up for his belief and his knowledge that he did see the Saviour of mankind and Heavenly Father in those trees. If it is true then one day I can get married in God's temple and be live with my husband and children forever and ever!!!

How I live my faith

When I was 16 I stopped going to church...I drank alcohol, I partied and I thought I was having fun! But then at the age of 21, I felt there was something missing from my life. I felt lost! Like a dark cloud had passed over me that I couldn't shift. So I prayed. It was hard at first as I'd forgotten how to, but soon the words just flew out of my mouth... and there in my bedroom, alone, I felt loved! I felt that someone was giving me the biggest hug, filling me with calm and peace. I was no longer alone. I was no longer lost! Now, being a Mormon has again become part of who I am. It's more than just a Sunday thing. At the moment I'm a young women's leader (girls 12-18) and it's so much fun. The girls teach me so much each lesson and activity that I spend with them! We do crazy things like go sledging at the snow-dome, beauty nights, sleep overs, zumba and sports! My ward is like an extension of my already huge family! It's such a varied bunch of people... none of us get paid for doing our callings (not even the Bishops), but they're our way of working together to keep our "extended" family running. Being a Mormon is thinking more than thinking about "me" and "I"... I'm sometimes rubbish at this, it's so easy to soon get caught up with finishing a dissertation, revision or trying to get some sleep before a night shift! But it's about trying to be open minded and see how you can make difference in the world, even just by starting in the home.