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Hi I'm Paige

I'm a student at the University of New Mexico, I'm leaving on a mission soon, and I am a Mormon.

About Me

I'm passionate about language, and have extended that passion into my studies at the University of New Mexico. I'm majoring in English-Professional Writing with the intention of editing novels and books. My minor is Spanish because I love other languages beside my own. I also adore children. I started babysitting and caring for babies and toddlers when I was eight years old, when my little sister was born. I've always wanted my own family and I can say that having a family sealed in the temple for time and all eternity is the central goal of my life. I enjoy working at various tasks like gardening, cleaning house, cooking (mostly baking,) writing essays, and learning new skills. Physical exertion is pleasant to me and I like to work out, mainly in the form of playing volleyball. All of these things which I enjoy and love are tied inextricably to my faith and I glory in the knowledge that these things are blessings from my Heavenly Father.

Why I am a Mormon

I am from a family which is made up mostly of member of the LDS church, so I have always been aware of this church and have always attended it. But attendance and belief are different actions, and I had to find my own testimony in order to continue on the strait and narrow path. I found this testimony through a trial given to me by Heavenly Father: When I was twelve years old I became very sick, I often missed more than half of the school year and did not have many friends. When I was seventeen my twin sister and I went to see a doctor in another state who diagnosed us with Fibromyalgia, a musculoskeletal condition which manifests itself in pain and fatigue. I was almost constantly in pain, and so I could not sleep. There were moments when the pain became so intense that my vision turned red until I could not see, or I passed out. These were not the only symptoms I experienced. I also lost balance at random moments and fell over, I could not think straight, my feet went numb on occasion, my stomach would refuse to accept food, and I struggled to fall asleep and wake up (it was as if a suffocating barrier separated being awake and being asleep, and it was incredibly difficult and frightening to pass through it.) As a result of my illness, I could not attend church, youth activities, temple trips, etc. I could not focus on my scriptures, and I could not remember what I had read once I had struggled through a chapter or two. I felt utterly alone despite the size and closeness of my family. And so I clung to the small slip of belief I had in Christ as my Savior, the only person who could possibly know how I felt. He was my lifeline and I prayed often, and struggled through the Bible twice. I built my testimony slowly; and when I was finally freed from that sickness I threw myself into church activity, I read the Book of Mormon at long last and knew that it was true. I know God and Christ live and that they have blessed me immensely, and I know that my church is true.

How I live my faith

I was asked almost two years ago to teach a Sunday School class for the women in my ward (congregation.) I teach every third week of the month and am astounded at the intelligence and quickness of thought that the women in my class regularly exhibit. A few months ago I was given a second calling to help coordinate my ward's Monday night activity. These callings help ground me in my ward and allow me to make meaningful connections with other members of the Church. But I don't just live my faith at church, it extends into all of the other areas of my life--from dating, to school. I eat healthily because God gave my body to me as a gift, I study diligently because that body includes a mind. I study the scriptures for the health of my spirit. When I date, I do so carefully by dressing modestly, speaking modestly, and thinking modestly. I choose my friends by looking for people who I know will treat me with respect, and I treat my friends in a like manner. I work hard when I have a task, because the completion of that task would be unsatistifying if I did not give my all. I want my life to be productive and full of joy. The best way for me to make this so is to adhere to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is presented to me most completely in my church.