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Hi I'm Tyler Laub

Hola i grew up in Nampa Idaho. I'm going to Mexico on a mission in July. I love soccer, raquet ball & food! Im a MORMON!

About Me

Hey so i am a senior at Skyview High School i have played soccer for them all 4 years i have been going there. And over all i have been playing soccer for 10 years now. I used to do the long and triple jump in track but then i got injured and decided to stop. Me and my dad go down to the Recreation Center and play raquet ball, out off the 4 years we have been playing i am now starting to beat him. We are planning on joining a tournament down in boise together. From the time i was a little guy me and my family have been campers we have a cabin up in McCall Idaho that we go spend the 4th of July at and any time we get the chance at. We also like to take out the tents and try to survive. We like to spend time playing games together and going to play soccer or hike with other family and friends.

Why I am a Mormon

Well I have been a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints sence day one of my time on earth. both my mom and my dad were raised in the church and i am so thankful for that. So being raised in the church helped me alot in chosing the path i am taking today because i have been raised in it all my life but it wasnt just that i personaly had to be converted. Through out my life i just went to church because that what my family did i didnt want to be home alone on sundays so i tagged along. Then i turned 12 the age you become a decon and recive the Priesthood. From then i had a reason to go to church i had to help pass the Sacrament to my ward family. When your a 12 year old by you dont think to often so i kinda just went about doing what needed to get done. Then i turned 14 and thats when you go from a decon to the title of a teacher (your still not to smart so you dont really teach to often). My role as a teacher was to prepare the Sacrament and pass if there wasnt enough decons. so it was kind of the same but alittle more on top. This is the stage im at now, i am a priest. these guys are the ones who bless the Sacrament. So i no longer had to pass the sacrament but i have the chance every week to bless it for my ward family. One thing about having the priesthood is you need to be worthy of it, so that was always a goal i had was to stay worthy of the priesthood so i can do my role in my ward. To serve a mission you need the priesthood so it is kind of a motivator for me not to stay worthy so i can go preach the gosple to those people i will meet and learn to love down in Mexico. My conversion came through the preisthood i always for the rest of my life want to have this power with me to touch the lives of others so i will follow the words of the prophets of old and now, to follow the comandments and stay worthy.

How I live my faith

From when i could remember i have wanted to go on a mission for my church. I have heard storys from my dad and my grandpa that have been great and wanted to go. Just about a week ago i got my mission call to the Mexico City South Mission. My dreams were coming true i no longer had to do the regular thing for a kid my age to wake up go to school come home and do homework and repeat. Now i could put it on hold for 2 years as i am serving my mission. How i am preparing for this is i have been taking missionary preperation classes and some online things and i have been trying to learn spanish and read study and pray about things i hear in the book of mormon. I have been going to semenary for 4 years and when i was a not to mature freshmen i never really put any extra thought into semenary but now i love it im using everything i can to prepare to serve my mission for my church.