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Hi I'm D Miles Nelson

I was born in Alberta Canada and have lived in the USA most of my life. I became am active Mormon when I was 15.

About Me

My Father lived in Canada until he attended BYU where he met my Utah born Mother. After they married they had to decide where to live. Dad wanted to be close to his family in Alberta and Mom wanted to be close to her family in Utah. Seattle was sort of 1/2 way between. 2 years later Mom was pregnant with me and they wanted to have the baby in a hospital. They decided to go to Alberta because it cost $50! I am the middle of 3 active boys. When I was about 8 my Dad built a tree house in the front yard. Then he brought home a 500 foot rope. With 3 trees and plenty of energy we had the making for a theme park in the front yard which became the center of the neighborhood. As I grew older so did my activities. Snow skiing. swimming, scuba diving, hiking, etc.In my late 20's I was headed to the bank and a U-haul truck slammed into my car. In an instant my active lifestyle stopped. Today, 25 years later, I still struggle with pain. I refuse to let that define my life. I have 5 kids, who I love. Because of my limited earning ability I live with family. This has given me the opportunity to help care for my Father. His heart has started complaining. I am amazed at how fast a vibrant body can become a shadow of it's former self. Yet, the spirit & desire for joy can remain strong. I have decided that life is not about getting more, building bigger, or doing magical things. It is WHO you touch and how much you love. From birth to death, what memories are the strongest? Hopefully love!

Why I am a Mormon

My parents were members of the Mormon church, but not fully active. By the time I was 10 going to Sunday service was a rare occurrence. When I was 12 we moved to Bellevue, Wa. & my parents began the painful process of divorce. I got very confused and angry and was out of control. My parents sent me to an island in Canada, it was 2 miles wide and 12 long, no electricity, phone, or theater. I was unable to get off the island because the boat Captain had been warned. It gave me time to think and get in touch with my feelings. After a year I was welcomed home. By 15 I was searching for meaning. I had plenty of girlfriends, each one belonging to a different faith:.Jewish, Catholic, Christian, Agnostic, etc. Finally I decided to look at my roots. No girlfriend there, those gals would not even talk to me - the wild thing in the back of the room. No matter to me. I did not need friends, I sought truth. With fasting, prayer, and study I learned, and developed a powerful testimony. I had a powerful personal experience that is foremost in my mind to this day. It acts as a constant reminder about the love of my Savior Jesus Christ. If he can forgive someone like me, then he must love everyone. Without my faith I would have sought a easy escape from my chronic pain. Obviously I look forward to the day when I pass from this life and will be resurrected to a healthy body. I can wait! I will be happy to stick around until the Lord decides to call me home to him.

How I live my faith

When I was 19 I wanted to serve a mission for the church. My parents lived in Seattle, Washington but I was staying with my Aunt & Uncle in Calgary Alberta. When I sent my papers I requested a foreign mission. Sure enough, I got my foreign mission call, I was sent to Arcadia, California (which is foreign for a Canada resident) After my mission I had varied church callings. For example: I was a record clerk, executive secretary to the church, and my favorite - Sunday School Teacher. For me, teaching 8 year old kids is the same as people in their 50's. The challenge is keeping their interest and helping them become involved in the discussion. Today, because of my sedate life I have limited opportunities to serve others. I seek the chance to help from my arm chair. I love to do "Indexing." Which is a system of transferring written records to computer format. For example right now I am working on the US Community Project. Which is converting all of the records from steam ships, air craft, and other carriers. We extract the information and make it available to the world for their genealogy and family history research. FamilySearch.org is a great place to start if you want to learn about your family history.