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Hi I'm Milena

I am born in Bulgaria.I live in London.I work as a Property Manager.I am a Mormon.

About Me

I graduated Accountancy.I love to play the piano.I love to travel and explore different countries and culture.I love different sports.I like to set up goals when I am doing physical exercises.And I am very happy when I fulfil them.I feel same about the Gospel goals.If I enter a shopping centre my eyes leads me straight to a shop where they sell lights.I love watching these lights even if I never by one of them.Lights remind me of Jesus Christ.He is my Lord and He is my light.I know if I follow His light and if I lighten with my own light, I will never be lost.I like to rest in peaceful places and to ponder about Mother Nature.How God created everything including me.How ancient and modern prophets receive revelations and instructions from Heaven on peaceful places too.I love people.And I would love to serve a stranger.Because the greatest happiness in my life I receive by serving people not by serving myself.When I am in service of my fellowmen I am in service of God..

Why I am a Mormon

I was 16 years old when I read the story about Joseph Smith in a leaflet.When I had this leaflet in my hand.Very first moment I did not believe on the title.But as I read The Testimony of Joseph Smith.I felt something special in my heart.I felt peace and happiness.I did not know why I felt that way.When I spoke with missionaries about this.They have opened The Bible in the New Testament .The read for me a verse explaining that what I felt it is by the Spirit.This Spirit testifies about all truth.I knew that Joseph Smith saw God! I have visited a lot of churches.All of them taught me different things.Some of them say they have only apostles,some of them only pastors.Others will say they have prophets but not apostles.Where is the truth? In the Bible we read that Jesus Christ church consist : a Prophet ,12 Apostles,Seventies ,teachers and so on.The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints holds the same organization here on earth in our days.I am Mormon does not mean that Mormon is my God .He is just one of the prophets written in a book called Book of Mormon.The Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ.I know these things are true.Because I have prayed and I have asked Heavenly Father(God) if these things are true.He has answered and He continues to answer on my prayers by peaceful feeling called Holly Ghost.I feel a very happy person! This is because I know that I am I child of God and He loves me and cares for me!I know that everyone can know where is the truth by asking God in sincere prayer, believing that Heavenly Father will answer.And by feeling how he/she feels in his/her heart. I know that Jesus Christ came on the earth to fulfil Heavenly Father Plan! I know Christ lives! I know all of us we will resurrect as Jesus.He is My example! In the sacred name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

How I live my faith

I am Mormon does not mean I am perfect.It does not mean that everything is easy around me.I have my own trials as you have yours.But I know that trials come in life to teach as a lesson.When we overcome them then blessings are coming.In church everyone serve another.For example I serve to people on my age in my church area . I am serving the women in my church area as I encourage them to take care and visit sisters locally.I am area sister-missionary as well.I am not full-time missionary but I do my part in my free time.After work or during the weekends.I have the happiness in my heart and in my life.When you are happy about something ,you want to share this with people around you.