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Hi I'm Julie Rhoton

My husband and I got tired of the snow, sold our home and business, and now we take seasonal jobs in amazing places.

About Me

I don't really want to say much about me. I'm an outdoor-loving girl who used to do a lot of running back in the day, and I love vegetables and chocolate. I have always been strong in the faith, but I guess one thing that makes me unique is that I am an only child, because before my mom joined the church she was already divorced. After she joined, some relatives were against our faith. My grandparents gave me an "anti-mormon" book to read. Some just rely on mainstream ideas such as all modern prophets must be false! I always visit other churches, and have studied their beliefs. There is much good in all of them, but I study the Bible to seek out what is truly "biblical" christianity, and I find the greatest abundance of that truth in my faith. Another thing that makes me unique is that I am a mormon woman who has been divorced and remarried. Although Mormons do not look favorably on divorce, and neither do I, I know that God guided my decision, and I am infinitely grateful to kind people in the church who never criticized me. They shared their love and concern, and gave me the benefit of the doubt, and soon after, I found myself in a marriage that brings me the fullfillment I always wanted. God wants us to be happy. I have no doubt this is his greatest desire, and his spirit will always guide us to make the decisions that will lead us to that end.

Why I am a Mormon

First I want to say, that I am a Christian, and I have seen the power of Christ work in the lives of good people everwhere who seek for more good and more guidance from above in their lives. I am impressed with Christians everywhere, who attend various churches, and who may be better Christians that I am. But when it comes to most churches in general, I see a shallow, "get em in the door and make em feel good" version of Christianity in the world. I see truths that are not taught because they are difficult to hear, such as "faith without works is dead" as preachers may lose some followers if they are taught. I see churches badmouthing other churches, or attendance choices being for social and entertainment reasons. I see churches following the traditions of men (infant babtism) instead of what is biblical. I have personally experienced preachers misrepresenting Mormonism to their congregations, and cannot respect preaching as a paid profession because of the corruption money and power can cause. "By their fruits ye shall know them," is why I am a Mormon. I see the power of righteous priesthood holders & women who all volunteer for no pay to lead the best organized church on the planet. Only God could lead such an effort. I see God working in the lives of families... to change lives, to help the downtrodden to rise above the world. Although ALL make mistakes, I see no corruption in the church, because a sinning leader will quickly be replaced, and he can go back to just being a plumber or realtor or farmer until he is repentant and worthy to once again hold a leadership position in the church, which may take years. I see simple farmers here in Belize with no electricity serving and sacrificing as Bishops while saving money for their children's education. I see Biblical truth working to bring all unto Christ, even those who did not receive the gospel in this life. I could go on for hours... but it's time to go snorkeling. Feel free to ask me more about my beliefs!

How I live my faith

It's pretty simple. A person "lives" their faith by being a "doer of the word." We strive to pray and read scriptures daily, that we may live by the spirit and be guided to do God's will in our lives. My husband and I felt impressed to sell our home and real estate business in Flagstaff, Arizona, and to move to Central America, where perhaps we may at some point do some good. We have been in Belize since March 2013 and don't know yet where we will end up.