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Hi I'm Brianna

I'm serving a mission in Utica New York! I'm in love... With life! I believe in laughing.. A lot! I love country and I'm a Mormon!

About Me

I am the second youngest of seven brothers and sisters. I enjoy playing sports and being outside. I've played the piano for eight years and the organ for two. I was going to college in Idaho before I decided to go on a mission! I'm laboring in New York! I thoroughly enjoy laughing at anything and everything. I'm very hands on and love learning new things! I believe in second chances and never giving up. I believe in having "you" time and finding yourself through the eyes of God. I love teaching and especially teaching children. I believe that everybody needs someone to believe in them and why not let it be you? I believe in giving all you have, never holding back. I believe in always choosing what will bring you the most happiness in the long run. I believe in true love and following God's direction to find it! I am in love with Disney movies and quoting them at every possible moment I can! I believe that sometimes you should just cry it out, eat some ice cream and sing a sad song to make your day better. I'm opinionated and love to make jokes! I know I have a forever family that will always be blessed to be stuck with me! I am a daddy's girl through and through, never to old to hold hands with dad! I believe that specific prayers bring specific blessings and that He always hears you! I don't believe in coincidence, fate or chance but I do believe in cause and effect and occasionally, karma. I love naps in the sunlight. Ultimately, I believe everyone can be happy! I love you!

Why I am a Mormon

I'm a Mormon because I know that these doctrines are true. I know they're true because I read about them and prayed about them and then followed sincerely the answers I received. I choose to be happy. I'm Mormon because I've never experienced so much happiness then when I was following Jesus Christ and showing my love the best I could to my Heavenly Father. I'm Mormon because through the Priesthood power that was restored to the Earth through the prophet, Joseph Smith, families can be together forever... And I've felt that power multiple times in my life leading me back to where I knew I should have been the whole time. I know that God loves me and that I am His daughter and I feel His power every time I read my scriptures, go to church, pray, give service, sing of Him and worship Him. I know that He is there for me no matter what I'm going through and that He loved me enough to send His only Begotten Son to suffer for my sins. These are the things that strengthen me and help me know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints really is God's kingdom here on the Earth today and that a fullness of joy is available as I live these thing. I'm a Mormon, quite simply, because it's true. I love it with all my heart and I can't even begin to imagine my life in any other way. And this is something that is available for everyone and that I want so badly for everyone to have! Happiness is to be shared and that's exactly what I intend to do! I know it, I live it, I love it!

How I live my faith

Currently, I am serving a voluntary mission for 18 months, dedicating all my time and efforts to the Lord to share the gospel with the people of New York. I share anything and everything I can about God's love for His children and the gospel with as many people as possible! I love my Brothers and Sisters and want them ALL to receive a knowledge of the fullness of the gospel. I think the greatest way to share something important to you is to live it. That's something that I try my best to do and that I always have. To be true to what I believe. I spent a lot of time while in my teenage years giving service at different projects with my youth group that met weekly. I can't count the amount of dinners I helped deliver to those in need that my dear mother made to help lighten someone else's burden in their times of need. I enjoyed all the times I was able to go to a nursing home with my dad and share my musical talents just to be blessed with a smile and a thank you. I profess to believe in, worship and follow the example of my Savior, Jesus Christ. He never stopped doing good things for people and that is what I try my best to do. We really "live" most when we walk in the light that is offered through the Atonement of our Elder Brother, Redeemer, Savior and Friend, Jesus Christ. I live my faith by sharing it and realizing every moment of every day how to be better and never settle for anything less than what God Himself would want for me and who He sees me becoming. I love Him.

What is being a Mormon like?

Being a Mormon is like finding the most treasured gift you could ever think of and then enjoying it by sharing it with everyone you know! It's like when you reach into your jeans pocket and find a twenty dollar bill! It's like the peace you feel while standing outside in the cool night and feeling the power of the breeze blowing through the trees and knowing that there's something more. It's amazing. It's satisfying to have a knowledge that families can be together and that we can find joy here on Earth. It's humbling to know what Christ went through for me personally. It's happiness that I've never been able to find any other way. It's learning to laugh at the little things. It's building your trust in God. It's exercising faith and finding that you're always heard and watched over. It's all about love. For God. For Jesus Christ. For the Holy Ghost. For you. For your family. For your neighbor. For all those that live here on the Earth. Show more Show less