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Hi I'm Kate

I love the desert. I'm passionate about science. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

In college I studied geology, chemistry, and physics. I LOVE geology most, with all my heart! I'm planning on returning to school soon to get a Master's degree in Geology. I teach 8th-grade Science. Those kids can be real stinkers, but I sure love them! I had a cool opportunity to work a couple of summers through a grant from NASA. We travelled around Utah and Idaho, taking science summer programs to kiddos in underprivileged areas. Great experience! I consider myself to be a true nerd, and proud of it. Hobbies include: rock collecting (nerdy), hosting lecture nights at my house (nerdy), watching NOVA (nerdy), looking at sediment samples under a microscope (nerdy), and talking science with my dad (nerdy). I also really love backpacking. I especially adore the desert, and as often as I can I'll throw my stuff in the back of my Jeep, take off, get away from the city and spend some time in nowhere land. I love road trips, too, especially the spontaneous kind. I love "the fam" and my dear friends. Both groups are very down-to-earth, kind, and fun. My siblings are some of my best friends! We hang out together regularly. Sometimes we make cheesy music videos or interpretive dances. Sometimes we show each other nerdy YouTube videos. Sometimes we have unusually long conversations about Zelda or Lord of the Rings. Sometimes we bust out the Huge Book o' Nursery Rhymes and turn them into rap songs. And sometimes we just sit around being hilarious at each other. I just love 'em!

Why I am a Mormon

Many people feel that science and religion are completely separate, or even the antithesis of each other. I feel quite the opposite. As I learn more about my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, I find more and more connections between my religious beliefs and my scientific beliefs. My continuing education in science ever strengthens my faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and in the plan that they have for us. Asking questions and addressing concerns about the teachings of this church is not only allowed, but even encouraged. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are not believers because they don't dare question what they are taught. They are not believers because they are brainwashed. Those who believe in the message of Jesus Christ can each tell you evidence that led them to believe the truth taught in this church. My personal testimony is certainly not built on blind faith. Although the evidence I've gathered is not of the same nature as evidence gathered in a scientific setting, it is evidence nonetheless. My testimony is built of thousands of small impressions, little verifications of truth, given to me from Heavenly Father, telling me that these things are true. My sophomore year of college was a very troubling time in my life. In a desperate search for happiness, I found myself probing for meaning: Why am I here on Earth? Why do I even exist in the first place? Why does anyone exist, for that matter? What is the purpose of not only life on Earth, but existence in general? After months of pondering and praying, I one day received a quiet answer. It came as a thought in my mind, but it was not my own. The thought was accompanied by a sweet feeling of peace and love. And the thought was this: "Katy, it's all about love." That impression, in conjunction with thousands of others like it, is what gives me a sure knowledge of the truthfulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

How I live my faith

In my ward I have accepted the assignment to better educate folks about the "temporal" things in life (vs. spiritual). My goal is to help members of our church and community become more informed and skilled in areas like education, finances, employment, gardening, and preparing for emergencies. I have loved serving in this position! Myself and some other members of our ward decided to organize monthly mini-workshops on "temporal" topics. We call them "FYI Nights." We invite members of the community to give short presentations on something they specialize in. So far we have had workshops with titles like, "Prepping for Tax Season," "Preparing for Winter Emergencies," and "Ideas for Summer Outdoor Exercise." It's been a big hit so far! I love seeing people get excited about the things they are learning, and to see the way these events bring our community together.