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Hi I'm Drew

I am a father of 5, I enjoy working doing computer support, I love trail running in the mountains, I'm a Morman

About Me

I enjoy spending time with my family, at church, outside and inside activities, and gathering around the dinner each night. My faith in Jesus Christ help me have Peace. Trail Running gives me time to think and enjoy the outdoors and physical activities. Gathering as family reinforce to me my purpose of what is important to me in my day to day life and helps me answer 3 question who am I? where did I come from? and where am I going?

Why I am a Mormon

I was born into an active and religious home with both parents focused on teaching and raising a family with Christ centered lives, I had it pretty good and did not know anything different. I was baptized at the age of 8, looking back I think 8 is a good age to make a commitment to follow the Savior and go about doing good like he did. Later when I was 19 I served as a missionary in Miami Florida, USA and had great experience, getting to meet people of different faiths or with no faith, meeting people who had little and who had very much, helping anyone we possible could by serving gave me a strong foundation on the what and who the Savior is and what it means to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I remember the day that I knew that I had personal one on one relationship with my Savior, I knew he knew my name, I knew that He knew that I knew, this day was day of crossing over from talking about man who I believed lived and died for me to knowing that He is my best friend and that he was sad when I was sad He was happy when I was happy and that when I help someone else He shared that feeling of gratitude of peace and joy that only He can give. There is Peace on Earth and Good Will to all people through turning our hearts minds and faith to Jesus Christ, He loves each one of use equally, He cares and worries about each one of us equally, He has no guile toward no one. He suffered for my sins, He died on the Cross for me and when He was resurrected he saved me. He also expect mankind to live with limits, to be guided and directed with one who has authority to act in His name. Joseph Smith as a 14 old boy asked God what Church should he join and he received an answer, he later was commanded and directed to translate the gold plates which where the Book of Mormon came, he was was given direct authority from John the Baptist and Peter James and John to organize and restore the Church of Jesus Christ with His authority.

How I live my faith

Sundays are days of church attendance and a day to tool and retool my understanding and love of my Father in Heaven and recommit my promise that I made to try to be like and be like my Savior Jesus Christ. On Sunday mornings before church I like to step outside and listen and absorb the peace and quiet of world and the beauty, there is always calm peace that seems to exist on Sunday that I look forward to. on other days of the week it seem like the easiest way to bring that love and peace of my Father in Heaven and His Son back into my mind and soul is to do service for others. as a Mormon I have been taught to have a have Christ centered life and when I include him into my day to day life and try more to be like Him and feel His spirit and I know I am not alone! When I Run mostly on trails I feel that I should and am serving myself which I believe is very important to both my physical well being as well as my spiritual well being, when I am pushing myself and am having trouble breathing and my heart rate is elevated it reminds me and teaches me that life is not meant to be easy. I also think about difficulties of others ( family friends neighbors strangers) and the pain they have endured and are enduring and it remind myself that we need to help and assist others and lighten their loads as the Savior would do. Each day as we sit down as a family and dinner I find that this feels very normal and what feels right and what my Father in Heaven wants me to do, when we miss a day or two and we have not gathered at least once a day and feed ourselves and each other with the each other I since and feel different. We also try to read the scripts as a family daily and feeding and gathering for few minutes a day to feed our bodies and spirits truly gives me that connection I need everyday to feel the Love of my family and the Love of my Father in Heaven and the Love of the Savior.

What is the Mormon lifestyle like? How do Mormons live?

Free to choose, Free to make mistakes and Free to worship. I do not drink alcohol, coffee, or smoke, I feel that by being asked as a Mormon to not partake in these things you could say you are not Free but I know I am Free to choose and Free from the Hazards and pain and suffering and Free from the cost of these things that do not bring joy into my life. Show more Show less