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Hi I'm Jacob Gibbons

I watch anime, play video games and magic cards. I'm a Mormon

About Me

I love to learn about examples and role models in my life by watching anime. I find the stories and music and characters to be inspiring. They help me find amazing motivation in my life. I also play role-playing video games because of my large respect and admiration for the music and stories and characters there. I also love Anime and Role-Playing Games in order to enjoy the artistic and romantic values in life. Or to find new funny stereotypes and jokes to talk about. I also play games without much of a story in order to spend time with friends online. Such as Starcraft, Starcraft 2, League of Legends, and DotA 2. With my family, I love to play Magic:The Gathering cards and other board games. I enjoy drafting Magic cards in limited formats with my younger brothers and sister. I also enjoy pencil and paper role-playing games like Dungeons and Dragons with family and friends. Right now I am on a mission to South Korea in the Daejeon mission. Before that, in school I had been going to a year of college at University of California, Riverside for a degree in Chemical Engineering. I decided I was good at math and had fun in chemistry, and my dad was a mechanical engineer in college. I was surprised when all of these subjects happened to be its own major, so I chose it, and I am doing well in it. I like to play the harmonica I carry around. In school, I played Trumpet for Marching and Jazz Band and French Horn for classical. I love Jazz music. I really love being with people.

Why I am a Mormon

I grew up with the church, and I wondered why everyone said they were sure that this church was true over so many churchs. Throughout High School I thought this idea was pretty assertive and I was frustrated when church members would be so sure of themselves. I was a trusting person though and I didn't want to fight, so I chose to stay active. Inside though, I felt frustration when people would testify of their surety of God. I also didn't want to follow all the rules. As I prepared for and went on a mission I asked if there really is a God and I remembered the kind loving feeling I have always aspired for throughout my life. I felt that love for others. As I read the scriptures I saw how much God cares for us. How God organized this church, and how it is important to me. As I finished the Book of Mormon I wanted to pray. I prayed about my feelings and about if I got them from God. I felt reassured that God and Jesus Christ loves me. They want me to know they are there. Whenever I need to remember that they still care about me, I ask, and feel a rush of happiness and love. I have also learned that they love me so much that Jesus Christ felt my sins and that God and Jesus forgive me of the rules I didn't follow. Now that I do follow those rules, I feel happier and optimistic about life. When I show my love for what I have recieved by following Christ, I recieve happiness for it. I am a Mormon because I feel the pure love of Christ in this Church.

How I live my faith

I go to church every week because I am excited to learn something there every time. I also find that I feel really close to my father in heaven during church, because of how and what I am taught. I am one of two students in a sunday school class for young single adults, so my teachers love to give me chances to teach them. I am able to keep the lessons that I had been taught or I taught in the back of my head. I also feel the christlike love that people have at church. And I have found a huge amount of love for the people around me because of the attitude and character of what is being taught. I love to live my faith, I feel so happy because of it. It might take effort a lot of times, but it is lovingly rewarded in all sorts of unexpected ways.