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Hi I'm KC!

Rexburg, Idaho. Child #2 of 7. Musical fanatic. Fitness enthusiast. Dreamer and thinker. And yes, Mormon. :)

About Me

I was a very active child. I always had to have something to occupy my attention. This led to many activities and hobbies. Being the energetic lad I was, these normally consisted of things such as jumping rope, ballroom dancing, and, most favourably, track and field. I've ranked nationally and have a God-given scholarship waiting. Music has also been a part of me since birth. Singing, dancing, guitar and piano, all of which come from the heart. Music is my inspiration, and I live and breathe its content. My mother and father were also born members of the Church, so I've been raised on a healthy dose of spirit and morality. I understand where I am in life. I am a very observant person. My brain likes to discern people or situations. I'm currently serving as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Scotland and Ireland. I love people. I love life. Evidently, I just love to love. I want to take everything life has to offer, and I'm willing to pay whatever price is necessary to taste of it. My greatest desire is to reach my potential as a person. I want to show it's possible to live your dreams. In conglomeration of worldly or spiritual, I simply strive to be happy. :)

Why I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon because I have questions. As a purely unprejudiced person, I've developed ideas in my head that needed solidifying and clearing up. I wanted to know WHY I'm here on earth, WHAT I need to do, and WHERE my deceased friend resides. And the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has been the ONLY church that has answered ALL of my questions, and answered them clearly. NO other churches have been able to do so. I KNOW that this church has truth. I've come to believe in The Book of Mormon, not because I have proof or evidence to its truth, but by the Spirit of the Lord speaking to my heart. I've come to recognize when I feel spiritual promptings. Anything that prompts you to that which is good is of God. And I feel and believe 110% in The Book of Mormon and the prophet Joseph Smith. Many people have many questions regarding what the Mormons are on about. If I were to capture my testimony of how I understand understanding it is this: Signs will NEVER lead to faith. Proof and evidences merely improve the quality of the belief you already maintain. Even if Heavenly Father were to come down out of the sky and proclaim truth, a good number would still deny it. People would still disbelieve for their own reasons. I know that WE must be the ones to make the first step. As the promise claims, you receive a witness of truth AFTER the trial of your faith. Faith is believing without needing the proof to belief so. Some say that "seeing is believing." I claim that "believing is seeing." When you make the effort to trust in God and have faith in Him, stepping into the dark believing He will show you the way, I PROMISE you that He WILL show you. You WILL see. All you have to do is trust Him. But many people in today's society deem it irrational. O ye of little faith. I DARE you to try it. Prove me wrong! The solution to every problem lies in faith. When one believes in Christ with all their heart, NOTHING can ever permanently go wrong. THAT is why I'm a Mormon! :)

How I live my faith

My life IS my faith. My beliefs and hopes are constituted of all I see around me. The fact that I'm here breathing perfectly on a planet that rotates perfectly around a sun just proves that there was a Hand in all of this. Every day I have here is used to try to become all that He wants me to be. I've come to a belief through my own personal reflections, experimentation, and feelings. What I now understand is that God loves us enough to lead us through these confusing times using His prophets, just like in times of old. And I follow the commandments God gives to us through them. They consist of many things, but they are all for our benefit and learning. And I practice my beliefs by leaving behind all I have at home; the family, friends, girls, hobbies, games, scholarship, and possessions are put behind me for two years so that I can preach what I know to be true. I serve in Scotland and Ireland, I teach people about Jesus Christ, and His DIRECT association with The Book of Mormon, and I've been solely at work for 18+ months. Nothing else occupies my attention. I live my faith by getting up every day and serving the Eternal Father who has saved my life in ways I never thought necessary. But I know it to be the very work of our very God. And it all comes from my personal experience.