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Hi I'm Jonathan B

I'm a Mormon.

About Me

To know me is to know about my faith, my family and my work. I'm a Mormon and have a strong faith in God and Jesus Christ. I'll touch more on my faith and what it means to me below. I come from a Mormon family and heritage. I have ancestors who became Mormons and journeyed from Europe to America (Utah) in the late 1800s to more fully live by their faith. I grew up in Houston Texas in a loving home with caring parents. They took me and my 5 siblings to church every Sunday and being Mormon was part of our daily lives. We had our ups and downs as a family, but our faith kept us grounded and helped us draw on the love of God to keep us going, especially after my oldest sister died at 18 in a car accident. Now I'm raising my own family with my wonderful wife of 20+ years, Julia. She also comes from a Mormon heritage. We met and fell in love while in college and now we have 6 great children ranging in age from 18 to 5. Life with 8 in a household can get hectic and most of our time and energy go toward raising our family. However, we also strive to serve at church and volunteer in the schools and community. Professionally I am an actuary and work for an insurance company in Massachusetts. In the other free time that I have I enjoy reading, running and playing golf.

Why I am a Mormon

Why am I a Mormon? I suppose the easy answer is to say because I was born a Mormon, so it's just who I am - by tradition. However, for me it runs much deeper than that and it is a choice that I've made. And I make that choice because what I have experienced by living as a Mormon has been wonderful and joyful. One of the great things about being a Mormon is that it's up to each person to decide for himself or herself if it's true and good and right for them. I remember as a teenager starting to wonder and question if being a Mormon was really for me. I couldn't take anyone else's word for it, I needed to find out for myself. So I went to the source and read the Book of Mormon my sophomore year of high school. It had a profound impact on me and I felt a deep power and conviction in the principles conveyed by the Book of Mormon. Since then I've read or listened to the Book of Mormon dozens of times. It's hard to explain, but through that process I find that I want and am driven to behave and act in better and more productive ways. I believe the BoM can be a vehicle for God to speak to me and provide direction on ways that I can better live my life in accordance with his will, including some things that I may need to change. In addition to the Book of Mormon, I find strength in the Mormon community and have been blessed in my life by friendships and associations with many people I otherwise would not know. I know I'm stronger and lifted up by the examples and love of other faithful people and families around me at my local church congregation. I've experience great blessings in worshiping as a community and serving each other as best as possible with love, care and concern. Finally, I invite anyone who reads these word to come and see for themselves on each of these things. Read the Book of Mormon. Come to a Mormon worship service (Sacrament meeting). See for yourself if these things make a positive difference or not in your life.

How I live my faith

My faith is grounded in a few core beliefs. I believe in God or a higher power. I believe that he is my Heavenly Father and I am his spiritual child. Furthermore as I relate to God, as a scripture says, I "believe that he has all wisdom, and all power, both in heaven and in earth." As my creator I believe that I can't understand all that he does and that he knows what's best for me and has a plan for me. However, I also believe that the greatest gift God has given me and all of us is our agency or free will. God allows each of us to create our own lives here on earth and make choices for ourselves. I know in my life when I've based my choices on my own experience and desires they have usually led me down a path that's really not what's best for me. However, when I partner with God and strive to understand his mind and will for me, I find that he can lead me in ways that are better than I could do on my own. When I choose to have faith in God and be led I find that I'm more productive, and more challenged yet happier and joyful. While all of this may seem very esoteric, I actually find that this fundamental exercise of free will plays out in everyday living in practical ways, especially in families, as well as in my other pursuits, including work and leisure. For example, in our family tensions can arise on occasion and unfortunately while not at our best feelings can get hurt. Pretty normal for family life I suppose. However, through my faith I believe we can forgive one another and return to a place of love and safety more quickly because we are working toward an eternal family. I'm grateful for my faith and the teachings of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice that make these things possible. I know that as I learn to love unconditionally as Christ does, then I am happier and experience deeper more joyful relationships. We are not perfect by any stretch, but having faith and partnering with God in all that I do, makes a huge difference in my life.