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Hi I'm James

At 27 years old (1995) I welcomed the church into my life and have never doubted my decision It's not easy but worth it!

About Me

I like to walk in the country and up hills sometimes and breath the great fresh country air!! I would like to do offroad driving some day and maybe drive a performance car around a racing track!! Football is my greatest interest at the moment and I try to support my local team "Kettering Town FC". I say try as they are really struggling at the mo and relegation is the norm!! On TV I like programs such as "silent Witness", "death in Paradise" and "pointless", I'm a fan of Anthony Hopkins films but not so much the horror ones! I work as a process instrumentation service engineer for a German company. Traveling around the UK visiting many customers and doing commissioning or problem solving. It feels good to resolve problems and help to get things working again. Sometimes I will travel offshore to the oil rigs in the north sea and rarely other waters around the world. If you like helicopters and Sky TV this is OK! I have visited Brazil, Kuwait, Qatar and Azerbaijan for work reasons, even Scotland! Done training in Germany, Holland and France and made some great friends at these places, in fact making friends and acquaintances makes this work worth while.

Why I am a Mormon

You know, I have found a life to live with Christ in it!! I suppose I could of continued living my life without Him and would of succeeded in much the same way work wise and even family. Things would of been just different, who knows!! I can't compare as this is not possible, so all I can do is tell you how I came to know! Growing up with a great family who I still love and socialize with, we never had religion noticeably, but my mother was teaching us Christ like attributes, kindness, selflessness, sharing etc... we had to there was six of us kids in a three bed house. Having moved out finally, to dads relief, I experienced adult independence. Doing the usual single man things, pubs, clubs, gigs and traveling but no really getting anywhere. At the age of 26 I started to feel a need for a purpose in life. Then I kept thinking about Jesus Christ and who was he!! This just wasn't me, having spent all my thinking time as an atheist thinker. I would of thrown myself at any religion at this time so I was somewhat weakened by this craving. God must of known this or somehow prepared me spiritually because a Mormon missionary found herself prompted to visit the area I lived in. We met in the street and talked for a while. I contested all things religion and she countered it all and won me over, not attraction wise but knowledge of God. I was impressed both intellectually and spiritually. This woman knew her religion! She shared with me the "first vision of Joseph Smith" in a busy traffic ridden street. I was asked how I felt. I replied "in the busy street I heard nothing but you and felt a great feeling of peace!". I was invited to attend church next day and replied "I'll think about it". To her this was the usual, never see them again. But, I turned up and seen it for myself. A religion very active and living, very sincere and welcoming and most importantly "genuine!". This is why I am a Mormon, but don't take my word for it, try it yourself and see!!!

How I live my faith

Since joining the church in 1995 I have served in many responsible callings or leadership roles. I have to say that before joining I had never really been or voluntarily involved myself in community type roles, always choosing to be a bit of a loner and looking after number one. Working with youth of the church who had grown up with principles alien to me at the time in my early days was enlightening to say the least. These young men and women aged 12 to 18 had something different to what I had when I was their age. They had gospel principles to live by, they had adults who cared for their welfare and moral safety. I learned a great deal about faith and God from working with them. I thank them for their great examples to me who was a newby to faith and things of God. In these early days I'm talking about, these youth are now adults, some married, some on missions, some at uni and some moved away. It's sad to say that some are no longer within our great church community and have chosen other paths to follow, this is expected as we each have free agency to choose. However these lost sheep are still Gods children and always welcome in or out of the church. I've also served in leadership roles working with adult men and working to bring them closer to God and serving each other. This involves teaching one another the scriptures, modern revelation and how to live a Christ centered life. This was also reciprocated to me as I am also one of them who needs the teachings. As a married man with children I have the experience of family!! Full of joy and sorrow, great times and not so great times, but you know what? I would never regret having this experience as it is one of life's necessities to progress to becoming Christ like, without family there is no purpose to life. I have experienced the death of loved ones close to me in recent years and I value my strength to cope with death and attribute this to the teachings of my church about life after death.