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Hi I'm Georgia

I'm a fangirl, a future author. I'm a Mormon.

About Me

I'm currently still in high school, and so don't work yet. However when I am older, I hope to be an author. I have always loved reading and creating my own stories, so to be an author would be something I would really enjoy. However I would also like to be a teacher. For really young children. I love to draw as well, I have done loads of pictures for the likes of my family when they request me to draw things for them. I'm obviously not a Mum yet (definitely not a Dad!) so I cant relate to that. But I know how it feels to be feeling like you are different definitely. In fact, I like being different most of the time! :) I love food. (Who doesn't!?) Especially Chinese food. That's about it... Although I also love music. A lot. Pretty much any sort really although there is a few I can not take to.) I play piano... Sort of, although it is not very good so far, and would love to get better one day. I hate cotton wool, it is horrid. (Just a little random fact.)

Why I am a Mormon

A while back now, I wanted to know if the book of Mormon was true. My mum had always assured me she knew it was real, but there comes a time when you have to find these things out for yourself, its not like I was rebelling or not believing it. I just wanted to know for myself, to have one of those experiences you rad about. So I read it. And no, nothing jaw dropping happened. It felt good to read it, it was not unpleasant or anything. But I did not get some major vision or anything. But later on as I got up to bear my testimony at a youth camp once, this feeling of "Why ask when you know?" came over me. And that pretty much sums it up for me, I just know. I could write down a bunch of experiences that keep me going, each of them key and amazing, but they would not make much sense or have the same relevance if you do not know me. But I do know that the church is true because of them, so they are still extremely important to me. Overall though, I think it mostly comes from the trials that we face in every day life. Most of my family are not members of the church, and for a while that always seemed a challenge. Like all the others in primary did not have the struggle of family members who were not keen on being Mormon or had false perceptions of it. But now I think that having that extra... I'm not quite sure what the word is... But SOMETHING! Helped me develop a stronger testimony. It prepared me for when I started high school when suddenly being religious and open about it was a weird thing. Another thing is that, for me personally, every time somebody calls me a "biblebasher", or whatever new name (which is hardly ever new at all really!) or says that God is not real etc etc... It confirms it in a way for me. If it was no big deal at all, then the gospel would not have all the trials etc it does face. "I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it." To me that is enough to say that this is not something I should give up on.

How I live my faith

I am in the youth programme still. (Young women's.) so I don't have an official calling as such. Although, you could say that I'm called to be an example. As is everybody in the church! I try and be a good example to people I am with. Especially to my family. (As most of them are not members. In fact, my Mum and step dad are the only other members.) It can be hard sometimes because they do not have the same standards as I do, but also in a way it kind of strengthens you, it makes it easier to stand up for the gospel because it is a common part of your life doing so. I also try to seek out opportunities to share the gospel in school. I once did a presentation on the church for an English assessment on speaking and listening. There can be a lot of confusion about what the church actually believes and so I loved having the chance to change some of them hopefully for the better. I also attend seminary, which is an early morning scripture study course for youth. It helps to prepare me for the day and it also teaches me new things that sometimes I miss when reading the scriptures on my own.