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Hi I'm Mark,

I'm just an ordinary bloke. In fact I'm someone who's just like you, I just happen to be a Mormon.

About Me

Life has seen me grow up in a small coal mining village in North Warwickshire, and now live in the Cambrian Mountains of Wales. My parents instilled great values in me, a love of reading and a love of the countryside being but two. I had the privelege of being able to grow up as a typical boy, in an age and a manner that now seems to be lost. Although I grew up without any particular faith, I was taught tolerance to the faith of others It's only the gift of hindsight that gives reason and value to the varied, seemingly random twists and turns of life that saw me start down the pit upon leaving school, to being a married man with more kids & grandkids than you can shake a stick at, living here in Wales. None of the decisions that bought us to here seemed to be inspired at the time, but there have been too many coincidences. Some of the events that transpired to bind us as a family, would never have been sought by anyone rational, but we have been refined and strengthened by trials that could have broken us. Again, none of this is remarkable, my story will read pretty much like yours; in fact if a book and a film were to be made, it could only be entitled " A life more ordinary". Only one thing has happened to make me different, not better, but different to you in any degree whatsoever, and that difference will exist only in your perception. As I approached the age of 36 in 1998, I found myself totally content with life and at peace with the world, complete and happy.

Why I am a Mormon

When I learned of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, a couple of things happened. The first was that I felt that rather than me being taught about something new, I was in fact being retaught about something with which I was already familiar. It was more than striking a chord, it was as if long buried, deep memories were being reawakened. Now, it was an immense relief to realise that by having faith in Christ and sincerely repenting of my shortcomings, I could take His name upon myself by being baptised. The Atonement of Christ is truly the gift that keeps giving, for as long as we're willing to partake of it. Sometimes we feel as though we are lost, no one cares, no one should care. That is quite simply untrue and I'll tell you how an ordinary bloke like you found out......I prayed. My first prayer as a grown man was faltering to say the least, but was quite simple, " Is there anybody there?". To this day, there's been no great manifestation,no angelic vistation, but as I pray, I talk just as I'm talking to you now, with a few thee's & thou's for the sake of propriety. But I can tell you that I do get answers, but in a still small voice that enters my thoughts and my heart. Sometimes we share laughter as we review my shortcomings, sometimes tears, but always with the most unconditional love that only God can possess.

How I live my faith

Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has opened up my life to the opportunities of serving others and hopefully it has helped me gain at least some small insight into what makes other people tick. Hopefully is a good adjective, because I have all of the usual failings and downfalls that beset each one of us. The natural man within me is quick to judge and just as quick to anger, but through working with others I've gained a new ability, some would call it "walking a mile in their shoes". I can choose not to be offended when people become offensive, by realising that they are often being defensive about something, and that something, or a series of somethings have occurred to put that person in that place, in that particular mood or state for a reason. Sometimes those reasons are simple, sometimes arbitrary, sometimes life shattering; but by pausing and not reacting or leaping to judgement, I can begin to feel empathy. Though I will not understand fully, I can at least begin to understand, at least if only in a very small part and that helps to quiet that natural man within me. Like you, I walk forward, often stumbling, one imperfect step at a time. I try to be constantly aware of others around me, because although each seems to have their own path, none of them are exclusive or isolated, there are not only points where our paths cross, but good reason to pause and help another wayfarer who may be in difficulty.