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About Me

Let’s start with me. I am ERNIE WAIN, christened ERNEST WAIN I was born on 2nd December 1952, my parents were poor & living in a middle-class neighborhood which meant whatever happened in our lives, we were disadvantaged. My mom & dad always the best sort of people, they were married for an eternity, they lived and died in the deepest love with one another, I never saw two people show their love for one and other like they did, and that was in every sense of the word. I was so lucky to be born to this family. There were eight kids in all, and then my oldest sister died from some childhood disease, so us 7 kids All grew up in a place called Crosby, which is a sub-district of Liverpool now divorced, I had been granted full custody of our two boys, Anthony Christopher and Paul Joseph. I heard a knock on the front door, I hurried and said a quick amen, then got up & opened the front door. There stood two of the wettest most drowned, soaked through young women I ever saw, one said that they were missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I sort of interrupted and said that I was studying with the Jehovah’s witnesses at the moment. I didn’t finish before they said thank you and half turned to walk away down the driveway again. I shouted to them, “Where are you going? I’ll still talk to you. Come in out of the weather”, which they did, and in with them came the holy spirit, the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced in my life up till then

Why I am a Mormon

the moment i felt the spirit being brought in by the two missionaries i knew that this was the church i was meant to be in, it felt so right, the effects of being a good mormon have echoed all thru my life and touched every aspect of it, the more i grew in the gospel the more i was blessed i feel i am so blessed now that i dont have the room for to put it all God takes such good care of me i am so thankfull to understand the gospel and know for a surety that God is there helping me get thru every single day, i feel his influence on me so much i live and love the gospel and live the commandments and the word of wisdom

How I live my faith

i became a mormon in march 1988, and took my new wife through the mantai Utah temple in 1990 as i had to wait a year untill i could get married in the temple, i have had many many callings from teaching the youth and the adults in sunday school, i was the sunday school president, i loved it and i was also a teacher it was so good i learned more than the class, i have the higher holy melchizadek priesthood and i enjoy all the benefits of having the gospel in my life, my last callings were as priesthood quorum teacher and home teacher but i had a very progressive illness so now i can not hold a calling as i can at best only make it to sacrament every week, i am now extremely disabled and terminally ill, but i am the happiest and most content that i have ever been in my whole life, i love the church i try to take an active part in fellowshipping all the other members in the wigan ward, i love each and every one of them

Can a husband and wife be together forever? Do Mormons believe that families will live together in heaven?

IN JUST ABOUT EVERY OTHER RELIGION , the marriage service includes to love honour and obey till death do us part, so if you believe there is life after death now that you have agreed that you will not be connected to your spouse after death, you wont even know eachother if you do get to go to heaven, so our church has the belief that we marry for time and eternity so that we will know eachother and stay as a family unit with all the family sealed to us that was really the deciding factor in me joining the church i strongly believe in families and that we go on to another place as a family Show more Show less